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23 months .... lil confused....

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haven Wed 11-May-05 02:09:28

question out of curiosity...ds is starting to get more on his level of speaking ( was >1 year delayed) he speaks words a great deal...but still calls things the wrong name...i know some will say normal, but words that he has used for a long long time...also one more minor thing....he will repeat almost anything you say...without the beginning of the word (except for like momma, daddy, sitter (sister)but he says up for cup, ink for drink, and so on...ONE more thing....he says some two word phrases like daddy home...but those or two word phrases that we have drilled...when do 23 month olds figure out how to put two words together on their own....
i am confused...people say how many words can he say..well he CAN say a hell of alot, but he only uses about 25-30 regularly...and i am probably stretching it....soooooo which one do you go by...he can say about 6-10 two word phrases...all of which were specifically taught...over and over....none on his own...sooooooo which one do you go by....his comprehension his MUCH MUCH better i would say he is at his level...
Doctor won't listen to me unless he is sick...ds will open his mouth to look at his tonsils but that is only because i look in his mouth all the time...we make a game out of it...sooo his ped thinks he is ahead....don't get me wrong ds is very very very smart...very very munipulitive..i was just curious..because if we go by what i physically can say...well hell...we have made it...

magnolia1 Wed 11-May-05 09:55:29

Katie is 23 months and it sounds like your ds can do about the same as her :-) She calls all birds ducks, all dogs Jesse (our dog) Her 2 word phrases are things like 'Kira school' which is repeats of what she hers me say to her. I saw my hv the other day who said there is a big difference between every word sheknows (which is tons) and how many she uses on a regular basis.
I think your ds sounds at exactly the right place :-) xxx

piffle Wed 11-May-05 10:14:11

Crikey he's doing better than my dd who is 30 mths and has seen a speech therapist and is diagnosed as being age appropriate, so try not to worry - it comes eventually...

piffle Wed 11-May-05 10:14:34

And every man is a dada

titchy Wed 11-May-05 10:31:34

Apparetnly when children learn to speak the last bit of the word is the bit they hear the best so leaving out the first syllable is quite common. Ds even called himself his name without the first syllable - e.g. Illiam instead of William! And his best friend was Arlotte (Charlotte!). Very cute!

muminlondon Wed 11-May-05 11:40:19

I'm not sure I understood the bit about 1 year delay because your ds sounds spot on for his age.

If he has 50 words by 2 that's a pretty good average. Often they have about 50 words before they start putting them together, including a few verb forms. That's exactly when my dd started with phases like 'all gone', 'all wet', 'mummy up', then when she got the concept of negatives and possessives, as well as verbs, progressed to 'no hat', 'daddy's shoes', 'mummy sit', etc.

Babies this age still have problems with clusters of consonants, the letter r, l, etc. (e.g. my dd at 2.2 says 'sarky-yee' instead of 'sparkly', 'dink' instead of 'drink', 'yady' instead of 'lady', etc. and her speech is otherwise pretty good).

I found a good book on speech development is Baby Talk by Sally Ward. But don't worry, he sounds like he's doing better than the average anyway.

muminlondon Wed 11-May-05 11:43:01

And at this stage they do repeat everything you say several times - like you probably do anyway ('look at the bird! it's a bird! look it's a bird!). They can't switch focus of concentration very well either.

haven Wed 11-May-05 13:56:28

ds was a 29 weeker sooo he was considerably delayed in receptive and expressive communication...for a lil while it seemed like he was in his own lil world...nooo effort to mix with others really...sooo i had him evaluated..about 4-5 months ago...speech therepy since..he has come to far to try to day he decided to join the rest of us hear on planet earth..he really didn't laugh out loud till he was over a year..and didn't reciprocate a smile until about 7 months.... i was just curious as to when i can expect no more speech teach... she is really good with him, but to tell you the truth other than sign (which was i think made all the difference)she hasn't did anything we haven't.....

magnolia1 Wed 11-May-05 14:21:47

He sounds like he is doing really well. Maybe you can mention this at speech therapy and start to take him less often??

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