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DD just wee'd on the sofa

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LilRedWG Wed 10-Jun-09 13:57:56

DD is three and has been potty trained for over a month, with no urinary accidents. We were just sat together on the settee and she did a huge wee.

I asked if it was an accident and she said no. So I asked her why and she said, "wanted to".

I sent her upstairs to take her trousers etc off whilst I tried to save my poor sofa and I've had a chat with her about only going to the toilet on the toilet. She's sat in her room reading a book, not at all phased.

She has been having poo accidents, but I've put this down to her medication for chronic constipation, but this is unheard of.

I don't know how to deal. All and any advice please.

LilRedWG Wed 10-Jun-09 14:01:31

Keeping this bumped to active convos.

Washersaurus Wed 10-Jun-09 14:02:31

Oh LilRed it still happens here all too often with DS1. Maybe it is like cats when they get urinary infections and try to find somewhere comfortable to wee?

DS does have accidents like that a lot when he is holding a poo in (he still struggles every now and then even though we no longer need to give him movicol)

I wouldn't mention it again to her tbh - from experience she will probably do it again just for a reaction.

I hope you are well, I haven't seen you around for a while.

Cadelaide Wed 10-Jun-09 14:03:59

I wonder whether she doesn't understand exactly what an "accident" is? I'd forget about it, see if it happens again and think about it then.

LilRedWG Wed 10-Jun-09 14:04:43

Thanks Washersaurus. I'll let it lie then. I don't blame her for the poo accidents, I am fairly sure she can't help those, but I am annoyed about the sofa. Still, time to go and get her redressed (she didn't want to before) and have snuggles. thank you.

LilRedWG Wed 10-Jun-09 14:05:37

Thanks Cadelaide. She does know exactly what an accident is. Ah well, I need to be a little calmer I think. Poor kid.

Washersaurus Wed 10-Jun-09 14:09:35

My poor sofa has been urinated on more times than I care to remember. I'm not very good at staying calm, but know from past experiences that the bigger a deal I make of it the more chance that it will happen again.

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