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Seven month has separation anxiety - feeling guilty about going back to work

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Jane88888 Mon 08-Jun-09 14:14:02

Hi, my seven month really freaks out when its not me or her dad holding her. I had planned to go back to work in a couple of months but I can't bear the thought of my mum having to look after her when she can cry for hours. Now thinking about not going back to work til shes one, but will that make any difference?

Please help with any advice.

Dottoressa Mon 08-Jun-09 14:16:07

Poor you!

It may well make a difference. Sep. anxiety is supposed to be at its worst at 7/8 months, then gradually lessens - though my 7-y-o DS still suffers from it, so that's not an absolute rule!

19fran76 Mon 15-Jun-09 12:37:16

I think that it must be worth a try. My DD is nine months now & at 7/8 months she was noticeably more anxious, particularly clingy with me. It has noticeably lessened already. As I will be working part time soon & her Grandma will care for her she spent her first day with her grandparents by herself on Saturday. She really enjoyed herself. A month or so ago I think that she may have struggled wink.

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