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19 m/o suddenly started screaming at bedtime

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bondgirl77 Mon 08-Jun-09 13:52:51

Anyone got any advice? My 19 m/o DS has suddenly started crying at bedtime again, after being a great settler on his own to sleep. For the last couple of nights after trying the whole visiting him every 5 mins which has worked before, he was working himself up into such a rage that I couldn't bear it and stayed with him to sleep. Realise that I've created a problem as both nights when he woke up he did the same thing and would not let me leave the room. Seems to have coincided with behaving like a grumpy, moody teen, saying 'no' to everything that needs doing e.g. dressing, nappy changing etc so could it be to do with this? One thing I used to rely on was being able to put him down at bedtime and he would chatter himself off to sleep and evening time is so precious as I work and DH is disabled so can't help me out with any of the bedtime routine! Aaargh. Is this a phase that anyone remembers? Did you have to just do CC again?

fidelma Mon 08-Jun-09 21:18:01

could be that they now have a realisation about the world and are scared.I don't think they know the difference between reality and non reality so monsters etc all seem a little scarey.Although this could be rubbish.My children have all gone through different sleep paterns as they age.Now 9 7 and 3.Mainly good sleepers but they all have their moments.Having had the door shut and the lights out they now all sleep with the door open and the hall light on.Hope this helps.

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