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My DS has been referred - so upset - can anyone help?

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JAKEJEM Mon 09-May-05 22:11:19

My DS aged nearly 3 has finally been referred to the child development clinic by our HV. She has said that he has "sensory" issues which I strongly agree with, I am so worried that he may be on the autistic spectrum. He has many issues - late speech (although now he has started talking he is now saying new words daily) but his most worrying symptoms are that he is so oversensitive about everything. I cannot ever leave him, even nipping to the loo he screams and cries hysterically, we have tried 2 different nurserys, each one has called us in and said he is just not ready to be left (after weeks of trying he just screams at the door for 2 hours for mummy) He is scared of birds/ducks/dogs and hides behind me if a stranger even says hello to him. He also has a problem with any types of lumpy food. Saying all this, whenever he is with mummy/daddy and baby sister he is a happy, loving, normal little boy, I am so upset/worried and just wondered if anyone else had been through ANYTHING like this, or am I the only one in the world!!!!!!!!

moondog Mon 09-May-05 22:28:05

Just seeing this slip away and not wanting you to be ignored.
Have you seen similar thread on 'not walking not talking'?
Also have you looked at 'Special Needs'?
There are loads of clued up people who are a mine of information.
Shall we keep bumping?

BTW, you're certainly NOT the only one in the world!

JAKEJEM Mon 09-May-05 22:30:21

Hi, thanks for replying, didn't want to put this on to special needs as there was someone a bit upset on there not so long ago as people keep asking questions about autism!!!!!! Maybe I should give it a go?! Do I have to re-type or can I transfer it? (new to this!)

RTKangaMummy Mon 09-May-05 22:30:30

Sorry don't have any advice but will bump it for you

If no one answersx tonight bump again in the morning and someone will be able to halp am sure

RTKangaMummy Mon 09-May-05 22:31:27

I will put a link for you if you like

Do you want the same title?

JAKEJEM Mon 09-May-05 22:34:25

Hi Thanks Kanga, Have impressed myself and have cut and pasted! Thanks for your help

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