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Time to stop potty training? 3 good days then 3-4 bad and refuses to sit on toilet or potty.

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BiscuitStuffer Sun 07-Jun-09 19:57:48

DD is 2.5 and seemed very ready as for several weeks would ask to sit on toilet on and off and do a wee on command as it were. Decided to go for it last Monday. Great for first 2-3 days and only one poo accident. Since then she has decided that she won't sit on the toilet or potty and can't seem to anticipate when she needs to go until about 1 second before she wets herself. No-one is getting stressed though she really doesn't like being wet. She wees about 3-4 times per day and has an accident every time now.

Do we press on or put her back in nappies and try again another time?

aristocat Sun 07-Jun-09 21:56:23

dont stress about it - just try again soon

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