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Tantrums in his highchair at 16 months

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clemette Sat 06-Jun-09 22:01:11

I know the "terrible twos" can start at any time in the second year but we weren't expecting them this early. DS (16 months) screams in fury if his needs are not met immediately. The flashpoint is usually mealtimes. He screams if I try to serve him anything savoury and then screams if his fruit/yogurt is not served immediately. I suppose we need to ride it out, but was wondering if anyone else had had this, and how long it lasted...

EdnaBucket Sat 06-Jun-09 22:06:05

My ds is 15m and has started having tantrums in the last week.

Being DC3 we know we should ignore them and, being DC3, it's soo much easier to do so. He is being unreasonable (is there an MN for 1 yr olds?) so we just ignore him til he gives up then pick up and cuddle ie reward the good behaviour.

I commented tonight it was typical behaviour - old enough to understand he wants something, or is missing out on something (albeit temporarily) but no language to try to get it across - pure frustration. Hopefully as communication improves the tantrums will decrease.

clemette Sat 06-Jun-09 23:26:12

I hope so. I just wish I could keep my cool when he is doing it, and not snap at his older sister sad

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