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essay question - behaviours patterns that might indicate: bullying, substance abuse or medical problems - help needed pls from all you wise netters.

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jellyjelly Sat 06-Jun-09 16:07:51

I am writing a piece on the above topic and need to think of behaviour that be exhibited by young people/children when there is bullying or substance abuse problems

Can any of you wise ones give me some help. Anything will be appreciated even if you have no formal qualifications.

Thanksyou from a hopeful jellyjelly.

cornsilk Sat 06-Jun-09 16:09:11

Any uncharacteristic behaviour. Have you looked on kidscape?

jellyjelly Sat 06-Jun-09 16:13:01

No i havent.

I am really stuck on the substances abuse one. I can think of money going missing, trying to actually sell stuff on to fund habit.

Buyyling i can think they they might bully others.

cornsilk Sat 06-Jun-09 16:14:21

Kidscape is a very good website about bullying. I don't know much about substance abuse but there are sure to be websites with advice if you google.

twoluvlykids Sat 06-Jun-09 16:15:00

substance abuse - glazed expression, constant sniffing/runny nose, lack of personal hygiene, bunking off school

purepurple Sat 06-Jun-09 16:17:24

i am trying to think back to when i did my child protection course


wetting the bed
not wanting to go to school
pretending to be ill so can stay at home
unexplained injuries or strange explanations for injuries such as "I walked into a door"
needing more money or possessions disappearing
babyish behaviour

substance abuse

mood swings
strange smell
having no money or possessions disappearing
different friends/ or older friends
no interest in family life

just a few that I could think of off the top of my head
try the NSPCC too

jellyjelly Sat 06-Jun-09 16:19:06

Thankyou both really helpfull, you have made it easier. I think i knew it but it was nice to have some help. Appreciate it. Thanks

Miggsie Sat 06-Jun-09 18:39:17

accidentally "losing" the mobile phone, lunch money or MP3 are all signs of either bullying or substance abuse. (Bullies stealing money or it is sold for cash).

ihatethecold Sun 07-Jun-09 11:45:58

my son went through a stage of substance a buse when he was 12-15. he also bunked off school and was expelled from school. i think it was so diffecult to find out the cause and effect of it as kids wont respond to questions or understand what they are doing. they also become excellent liars. he would lose(sell) everything. blatently lie. even though it was obvious he was lying. when he was 14/15 he lost alot of weight through drug use and he didnt look after himself properly. thank fully this part of his life is over but it was hell at the time.

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