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Is my 3 year old hyperactive?

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walkinthewoods Wed 03-Jun-09 22:12:23

We hav been wondering this a while.

He has been active since a newborn. He was crawling at 6mos walking a t ayear and he hasn't stopped. He climbs everywhere and has managed to break his collar bone already.

He waers me out. He runs around and even when he's watching tv he's upside down or fidgeting. He likes to run iff and not listen to instructions. Quite often he cocks a deafen, I thought maybe he had a hearing problem but I know he's just doing selective hearing.

We hav just been on hols and he was a nightmare. At home he can climb the walls til quite late (8.30pm) but on hols it was 10pm. I know it was different for him and we were all in the same room. It seemd like I was constantly shouting NO and calling him back from running off. DP mentioned that when he was on the balcony (4th floor) all he could hear when we were by the pool was NO COME HERE< STOP IT etc etc. I did get embarrassed by the amount of commands. One particular time, he wouldn't stop squirting in the pool from his squirty gun. I told him to stop. He was in the middle of the pool. In front of everyone, he laughed at me and squirted me. I was so embarrassed. Little sod. I got in the pool and dragged him out.

He is very demanding but also very bright and endearing. He gets all the girls going and, I suspect, gets away with loads because of the charm.. The nursery have said that he is very, very active but also fall foul to his charm (and bright blue eyes). I have noticed that he gets the attention from nursery staff and others whereas my dd is overlooked. I am worried that she is being neglected, not just from people fawning over ds but of me and dp constantly chastising ds and taking all the attention.

LadyOfWaffle Wed 03-Jun-09 22:16:24

I find my DS a little like this (3.2) - weary as it is he needs nearly constant stimulation. Taking him round the shops is a nightmare, but can be pleasent if it's done with a big chat about everything etc. Saying that, he does play nicely on his own alot but other times he needs conversation, talking to about everything etc. Otherwise he can just run riot to the point I think something is wrong with him. Dunno if that helps any, I am facing the same problems

thisisyesterday Wed 03-Jun-09 22:19:50

i wouldn't say he is hyperactive.

but you might be interested in reading a book called "raising your spirited child"

it has helped me many a time :D

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