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Will he be a biter...???!

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misspollysdolly Wed 03-Jun-09 18:51:28

DS2 is 16 months old and I have noticed just recently that when he's getting either cross or excited he sometimes bites down really hard (enough for his jaw to be locked/shaking) on objects. He has also once run up to me excitedly and nipped my leg.

For those of you with biting toddlers - does this suggest he will go on to 'be a biter'??! Should I start watching him like a hawk when we are at Toddlers?

Furthermore, when your toddlers bite, what is the best course of action...? What do you say to parents of your little biter's victims...?! Am a bit worried!

BriocheDoree Wed 03-Jun-09 19:02:16

My DS bites, but only me!
Whenever it happens I just say "NO" and walk away or put him in his bed. He doesn't like it if I ignore him and usually stops.

misspollysdolly Wed 03-Jun-09 21:58:33


feedthegoat Wed 03-Jun-09 22:07:25

At a similar age my ds used to put his mouth round my arm and start to bite down. He only ever bit properly once, it was my mum and he did it in excitement. He sobbed for ages when he realised what he'd done. I used to tell him no firmly and put him down. He never bit anyone else apart from my poor mum! I think being ready to intervene at toddlers groups is always a good thing with toddlers!

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