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8yr old waking and very agressive at night

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murphynine Wed 03-Jun-09 00:17:13

Please help, my daughter keeps waking at night and starts off wanting the loo but once shes been she completely flips. Starts shouting at me, trying to hit me, bite me etc. To be quite honest its like a scene from the exorcist, like shes been posessed. Shes not a small 8 either so I have to try and hold her down to stop her attacking me which is hard. Her dad won't help as he is understandably scared of hurting her. Shes not done it for a couple of months but it happened tonight and once it happens it tends to go on for a week or so. After about 20 minutes she stops and asks one of us to take her to bed! She denies all knowledge of it in the morning but it really doesn't seem like shes asleep. Im not sure if she needs to see a child psychologist or what but I do know that I can't take this anymore its making me ill. Any advice?

BoysAreLikeDogs Wed 03-Jun-09 00:22:44

Go to your doctor, explain as you have here, get help for everyone

you all sound frightened and exhausted

GentlyDidIt Wed 03-Jun-09 00:24:12

Might be way off but my 6 years DD is having her first run-in with threadworms. For a fortnight or so she has been having excessive loo trips in the middle of the night and being really whingey and irritable.

Sorry if that seems a very trivial answer, but I was just starting to worry about DD too and am so relieved that it's caused by an unbearably itchy nighttime bottom.

murphynine Wed 03-Jun-09 00:30:52

Think I will take a trip to the Docs tomorrow, as for the threadworms, this has been going on for about two years now so I hope thats not what it is!

JodieO Wed 03-Jun-09 00:35:48

Sounds like it could be sleep walking, not remembering is part of that iirc.

GentlyDidIt Wed 03-Jun-09 00:41:12

Oh sorry murphynine I have underestimated & overprojected then!

Could be night terrors? My dad & brother suffered with these.

Hope GP has some advice for you. It sounds very tiring.

cory Wed 03-Jun-09 07:33:00

is it normal for her to need to wake someone up if she needs the loo? does she have special needs? (would expect a child that age to sort themselves out in the bathroom under normal conditions)

if not, does sound like she might well be sleep-walking or having night terrrors

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