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18 month old having nightmares???

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tryingtobemarypoppins Tue 02-Jun-09 19:22:11

DS has always been a great sleeper, 6:30-7pm without a sound all night.

For the last 2 weeks however as soon as 2am-3am arrive he has started screaming and REALLY really upset, shaking and sweating.

He will only settle once back in bed with us but 10mins later he is fine, happy and in need of his own bed as he starts to get annoying! Patting us etc etc!

Any suggestions???

tryingtobemarypoppins Tue 02-Jun-09 20:13:20


tryingtobemarypoppins Tue 02-Jun-09 20:32:19


melmog Tue 02-Jun-09 20:46:17

I don't know if this is the same, but my dd1 had a problems with this a while ago. She's nearly 3 now. She was in a cot still and I'm afraid after a few nights when we'd go in to her but it didn't seem to work, we decided to leave her. She seemed to find it more disturbing us going in and fussing and went back off to sleep after 10 mins at the most. She had no recollection of it the next morning either.

Worth a try?!

barnsleybelle Tue 02-Jun-09 20:50:42

I think getting him in your bed is possibly a mistake. It may be reinforcing his fears that he needs to leave his bedroom to feel safe. I would hold him close in his room reassuring him and even if it takes a while stay in his room with him until he is settled. How long does it take him to settle? Have there been any changes, ie, new toddler group, new carer, any changes at home? My 21 month old dd went through something similar about 3 weeks ago when we suddenly started 2 new toddler groups. Her upset was when i first put her to bed so i accept was easier to manage as your not so tired at that time smile. It settled after a couple of weeks. I was consistant though and never took her out of her room, just stayed with her until she was calm and then left. If she started up again i went back in and did the same leaving as soon as she calmed.

tryingtobemarypoppins Tue 02-Jun-09 21:03:06

The only change is a short holiday and half term where I was home all week instead for working part time and going to my mums. He is so upset, pointing to leave the room. After a while in our bed with us he does cry for a minute or two before settling back in his cot.

Do you think the change in routine caused this? My friend suggested teething?? He has a cold at the moment too.

Just feel so bad for him sad

Castiel Tue 02-Jun-09 21:07:45

google night terrors. DD had them at the same age.

thepuddingchef Tue 02-Jun-09 21:12:57

I was going to ask is he actually awake?? My ds had/has night terrors and they are alarming to begin with, he looks awake, can even talk, but he is looking straight through you as if you're not there. He also fights, kicks and punches in his sleep, no recolection of it at all. Although at 2am it seems a little late in the sleep pattern to be night terrors. perhaps rooms too hot?

barnsleybelle Tue 02-Jun-09 21:14:43

oh bless. It could be the change in routine. Ds never bothered but dd is very sensitive to routine changes and it's always her (normally wonderful) sleep that get's affected.

I suppose if he's happy to go straight back to his cot then you have to do whatever settles him, i certainly wouldn't recommend leaving him (as one poster said) if he's fearful. This may make him feel worse.

Night terrors are a possibility as castiel said. I believe they are asleep for these and you are not meant to wake them, just be near. From what i have heard they are very distressing for the parent as there is nothing you can do to help.

tryingtobemarypoppins Tue 02-Jun-09 21:16:44

Thanks everyone. I googled night terrors but at 3am ish it seems to be too late?? He is in a 1tog and short sleeved vest. I am getting worried something may be upsetting him but I don't know what?? How would you know if I don't know something was happening at nursery for example??

barnsleybelle Tue 02-Jun-09 21:22:36

trying... i wouldn't get too worked up about it... It is most likely something very simple in his routine... just like my dd. Doesn't sound like he's too warm and if it were teething it would take longer to settle him plus he would probably wake at different times.

Honestly, please do not worry yourself.. just hug and comfort him and will soon pass.
He's probably just a sensitive wee sole and doesn't do change grin.

tryingtobemarypoppins Tue 02-Jun-09 21:24:59

Thank-you, I was starting to get a bit OTT and thinking lots of horrible things so thank-you.

barnsleybelle Tue 02-Jun-09 21:29:33

It's only because you love him that you are so concerned and sometimes it helps to hear from other mums.

We are in the middle of 2 weeks school hols so she has had ds at home to play with her, i just know i'm in for it when school starts next week.

Good luck

Castiel Tue 02-Jun-09 21:34:37

DD's night terrors were at 2.30 every night. Seemed to wake and scream inconsolably, babble, flail. Would pick her up and cuddle, didn't seem to want us. After about 10 minutes she would be all smiles and cuddles suddenly and would go straight back to sleep...

She was at home with me so no nursery concerns. It was one of those things. The rest of the time she was absolutely happy and fine.

tryingtobemarypoppins Tue 02-Jun-09 21:41:01

Thanks Castiel that's just how it is for us. Hope it didn't last too long!

tryingtobemarypoppins Tue 02-Jun-09 21:41:35

Thanks so much barnsleybelle

BEAUTlFUL Tue 02-Jun-09 21:44:56

DS1 had these too. It was usually after a partyicularly busy day, or when he was hot. They were always late-late at night, could easily have been the same time as your son's episodes.

Sorry - no help, really.

melmog Wed 03-Jun-09 08:00:50

Hope all is going well.

Barnsleybelle, I only suggested leaving as it helped my dd with what we think were night terrors. She would wake, scream, and then cry for a few minutes if we left her. If we went in, this escalated and we ended up waking her, frightening her more, getting punched, kicked and scratched for our efforts and she wouldn't be back to sleep for at least an hour. I think we did the right thing for us.

Bucharest Wed 03-Jun-09 08:15:19

Night terrors- dd had them until she was about any time of the night, could last for up to an hour, screaming, sometimes eyes wide open....bizarrely I read that they can be alleviated by the child not having his feet covered, as somewhere in the subconscious the feet being covered up make them feel trapped (probably bollix, but tbh I was so tired with the constant waking I'd have believed anything!)
What worked for me was a well-aimed drop of rescue remedy in the (already wide open and bawling) mouth. It was like switching a light off. Boom, straight back to normal sleep.

barnsleybelle Wed 03-Jun-09 09:48:18

melmog.... i wasn't suggesting that you did anything wrong for your child, so sorry if it came across like that. If your dd was asleep during her night terrors then she probably wouldn't know if you were there or not.

tryingtobemarypoppins Wed 03-Jun-09 18:29:47

Another terror last night but much much shorter, came in to our bed for 10 mins then back to bed fine. He has been vomiting today with a horrible cough so a poorly boy, maybe thats the cause of the nightmares???

Might take him to gp tomorrow if he continues to be sick??

barnsleybelle Wed 03-Jun-09 18:52:04

It is possible he was brewing something or maybe unrelated. I think if you are at all concerned then pop along to your gp anyway who may put your mind at rest.

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