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My 20month ds gets soo bored at home!

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may08 Tue 02-Jun-09 13:50:57

Does anyone else have similar problems? I find I have to constantly go out to keep him happy, he will play for a short while at home but then just screams when he is fed up! We have garden toys and I've been trying to spend time at home in the afternoon enjoying this lovely weather but he just wanders from toy to toy plays with things for a few seconds and then moves on to the next thing until he has been round the whole garden and hes fed up! Also he wont go anywhere without me so I cant even really get anything practical done while we are out there. If I take him out at this point to another environment he will be fine.

Just not really sure what to do and wondered if anyone else had similar problems - I know I should probably stay in and stick it out but I'm a soft touch and cant stand to hear him howling!

Any suggestions

Loopymumsy Tue 02-Jun-09 20:15:01

Message withdrawn

mumof3tobe Wed 03-Jun-09 01:59:32

My DS was like this. I was working part-time when we was going through this but was home by lunch. I to didn't spend a lot of time at home and would go to the shops, friends houses, playgroups, relatives houses. By going to friends houses and relatives I got a bit of a break as friends has other kids and relatives would play with him.
DH and I made a sister for him and she was born when he was 22 months old. They both get on great now. DS still has his moments more so now cos we have moved to Canada and hardly any friends or family for support.
He's probably just a very active and inquisitive nosy boy.
They are challenging but will get better with age!

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