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What is a high instep?

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likessleep Tue 02-Jun-09 08:59:14

Lady in Clarks told DH our DS has a high in-step (he's 19 months old, size 5G). I've done a google, but no success.
Thanks muchly!

Ponders Tue 02-Jun-09 09:12:07

It's the top of your foot - makes it harder to get into things like boots (I have a high instep - big feet anyway but the high instep can make it very hard to get into some shoes)

OTOH it makes a lovely line in ballet (so get your DS learning wink)

Ponders Tue 02-Jun-09 09:14:21

Oh look, I just googled it and this discussion came up smile

It seems to go with broad feet.

likessleep Tue 02-Jun-09 09:57:20

thanks ponders smile

Seeline Tue 02-Jun-09 10:09:13

I don't think it goes with broad feet - children just end up with wide shoes because they need the extra leather to go over the top of their feet. Both my DCs have high insteps (Blame their father!) It's the bit where the arch of the foot lifts off the floor - I suppose it's the opposite of flat feet? BTW - my DD is always being praised for her 'beautiful feet' at ballet, so it's not all bad.

Ponders Tue 02-Jun-09 10:20:32

No, it's the top of your foot, seeline illustration

I suppose it's possible to have flat feet and a high instep grin (although that would be very cruel of nature)

likessleep Tue 02-Jun-09 10:36:08

Thanks muchly

likessleep Tue 02-Jun-09 10:38:24

are there any types of shoes i should opt for / avoid? thanks

edam Tue 02-Jun-09 10:42:02

It makes buying shoes a real pain in the bum. <sigh>

Although I suppose it saves me money as I will never get sucked into that 'women love buying loads of pairs of shoes' idea.

StarlightMcKenzie Tue 02-Jun-09 10:48:44

Message withdrawn

likessleep Tue 02-Jun-09 20:38:59

thanks edam and starlight

ICANDOTHAT Tue 02-Jun-09 20:48:22

Here :

MrsKitty Tue 02-Jun-09 21:20:28

And accept the fact that you are going to have very limited success with boots or wellies!

Ponders Tue 02-Jun-09 22:00:54

mmm, wellies are a particular problem. I've always had to buy men's ones cos ladies' are much too dainty around the ankle <sobs>

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