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9month old DS2 not sleeping more than 2hrs at a time - please help

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fledtoscotland Mon 01-Jun-09 23:56:08

title says it all really.

i've posted this in the sleep section as well

basically DS2 is 9months old. he's never been a great sleeper, always wanting to be in the thick of things and fearing he is going to miss out on the action.

his day starts somewhere between 5am and 6am, I try to get him to nap around 9.30am but he only sleeps for 40mins or so. Lunch is about 12o'clock and he naps again in the afternoon for another 30-40mins. The bedtime routine is fairly fixed because I also have DS1(20months) so for my own sanity his bedtime is military precision. Bath at 6.15pm, story and into bed and asleep by 7pm.

DS2 goes to sleep at 7pm very easily. Is still BFed so has feed, into own cot and he sleeps until about 9.30pm, is inconsolable unless breastfed again. once he feeds for about 5-10mins, he sleeps til about midnight. Feed again, sleep til about 3am, feed again, wake for the day. Each time he wakes, he wants to play for a bit after the feed.

the lack of unbroken sleep is killing me and my DH. We co-slept until about 6months when he went into his own room. He will sleep in his cot but just wont stay asleep and doesnt know how to settle himself once he is awake.

We have tried the gradual withdrawal but he just sits in his cot screaming until he's picked up and fed (just picking up wont settle him), tried CC for one night which ended up with me crying as much as him. most nights he ends up in our bed at 3am cos i'm so knackered being up with him, at least if he's in our bed i'm lying down. DH is totally fed up with less than 5hrs sleep then having to leave the house at 7.30am for work.

has anyone any suggestions about how we can get him to sleep for longer and/or settle himself back to sleep.


LackaDAISYcal Tue 02-Jun-09 00:06:58

Just wanted to lend some sympathy and share my recent experience, but not sure if it constitutes advice! My 7mo old DS was doing this until very recently, but over the last week seems to have settled into a better routine. We tried him in his own room (well sharing with his sister) but it made no difference, and now he is back with us in a sidecar cot he is sleeping better. I found that not having tea too late helped as well, as he was too full to take a really good BF at bedtime. since giving him his tea at 4.30ish he has a really good BF and manages to go from 7.30 ish until 1ish. He was waking every 45mins after that for a few weeks but that has settled down as well; we put him in a heavier sleeping bag as I think he was just cold.

fledtoscotland Tue 02-Jun-09 00:14:05

thanks lackadaisycal. he has his tea about 5pm with DS1 (its not possible any earlier as I work from 5-10 and DH doesnt get home til 4.45pm so my neighbour who watches the boys for 1/2hr can really give them tea.

We tried a sleeping bag but he just got it twisted round him and we've found he's just better in a vest in the hot weather with a blanket over him when he's asleep.

He's never taken huge feeds even before he was weaned. always snackey 10mins at a time. He's never fallen asleep at the breast but if i stroke his back or his cheek he relaxes.

the main problem is that during the night he just screams and screams until he's picked up, had a feed and played with. We dont have room for a sidecar cot so hes between me and DH. If DH tries to cuddle him, he screams until he gets to me where he pokes and prods me for a while until he's ready to fall asleep again.

have yet to find his standby button grin

LackaDAISYcal Tue 02-Jun-09 14:34:10

lol at standby button grin

Wish I had something else to suggest....other than he'll grow out of it at some point? Not a lot of use, sorry blush

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