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Tantrums - Advice needed please 2.6 year old !!

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laughalot Mon 01-Jun-09 21:05:27

We are going on holiday on monday and I know at some point in the day we will have a full blown paddy.

My dd is 2.6 and has terrible tantrums to the point of throwing herself on the floor screaming ect. At home I simply take her to her bedroom and let her cool down however I cannot do that in the airport or on a aeroplane.

Does anybody have experiance about this ? When she is in full blown tantrum mode there isnt any reasoning at all with her.


gingerninja Mon 01-Jun-09 21:07:09

bribery, lots of chocolate and things to keep her occupied. grin sorry, I'm useless with tantrums

laughalot Mon 01-Jun-09 21:08:59

I think I deserve the chocolate grin

barnsleybelle Mon 01-Jun-09 21:24:55

Are you taking a buggy? Maybe carry on with your normal technique but put her in the buggy and turn it around so she's not facing you. I know it's sooo hard when you have an audience but stay strong!! No idea for the actual flight, just a grin and bear it i'm afraid.

gingerninja Mon 01-Jun-09 21:31:10

Quite, perhaps a large glass of wine on the flight? For you not her!

Joeymac Mon 01-Jun-09 21:38:52

Mine is 2.9 and I feel like I'm just moving out of the really bad tantrum phase - he was a nightmare at 2.6 and would have tantrums about things he knew would wind me up i.e. we live in a 2nd floor flat and when he knew I had to get out with him and his baby brother to get somewhere he would have a total meltdown. We'd have about 4 full on tantrums a day and I was losing it.

Got to the reverse psychology position with him which worked a treat i.e.

me - "do you want to have a tantrum before we go?"
him - "yes"
me - "OK you sit there and have your tantrum and tell me when you're finished"
him - (after sitting on floor in total silence for 2 mins) "Ok finished my tantrum mummy"
me - "good boy, well done, lets go now"

Now if he does start I just say "are you having a tantrum? - OK could you go and sit there and do it quietly please" and he usually complies as he knows I'm not interested.

Not sure if it will work for yours but I realised I had to stop feeding into his tantrums by reacting as he was just using it against me.

emmacharlotte Mon 01-Jun-09 21:41:36

Hey, maybe you could buy some pretty stickers or something (maybe she could choose them) and every time she does something good, kind, worthy of praise, give her a sticker and make a big deal out of it. Say it's cos she's being such a good girl etc etc. Tell her if she gets lots by the end of the flight, she gets a (small) treat. Sounds like bribery lol, but there's been quite a bit of research on it and apparently it works. Sort of like a sticker chart for younger ones.

As to dealing with the tantrums, don't talk to her or give her any attention when she's having them- pretty tough i know!!! Especially, like BBelle said, when you have an audience... sooo cringing... but tbh, most mother's have been there

laughalot Tue 02-Jun-09 10:25:17

Thanks for your replies ladies. I have tried the sticker thing this morning as we usually have a kick off about getting the car seat but shock no paddy grin.

Keep your ideas flooding in wink.

kitkat9 Tue 02-Jun-09 11:47:03

I came on MN to post almost the exact same thing about my 2.5 dd! She's a nightmare just now, and I am totally struggling to control her...

She's going through a 'NO!' phase - everything I tell her to do is met with her screaming 'No!No! No! No!...' yesterday this was the same reaction with anything from getting her nappy on, to getting into the car, to eating lunch....<sigh>

we are moving from the US back to the UK next week, and I have a million things to do. I aslo have ds1 5.5 and ds2 23w...but it's dd that's a huge problem. She's out of control!

I'm at my wit's end. I use the naughty step which causes even greater tantrums, however, she will eventually say sorry with not much prompting, so she does now she's misbehaving.

I think she's teething (again) which doesn't help...

I'm dreading the flight back next week. Any more suggestions with dealing with these meltdowns and terrible behaviour?

wotulookinat Tue 02-Jun-09 11:55:41

Joeymac that's hilarious!

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