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advice needed for 13 month old who suddenly won't sleep!!! driving me mad!

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Rones Mon 01-Jun-09 14:35:21

Hello! My dd has generally always been a fairly good sleeper (although always needs a dummy to go to sleep) and has suddenly (since yesterday lunchtime) starting having what seem like real tantrums and refuses to lie down in her cot. She never really used to roll over until fairly recently (even though she's been very mobile for some time) but now she instantly rolls over, grabs the bars and screams blue murder. I've tried calming her in her cot, with her on my lap next to the cot and then putting her back in when a bit calmer, I've tried leaving her to just scream but she's literally making herself gag from the effort and will not let up. I gave up with her lunchtime sleep yesterday and finally got her to sleep by pushing her around the garden in her buggy! It took me 50 mins to settle her last night, which is usually an instant job and then she woke at 3am (she usually sleeps through) and WOULD NOT go back to sleep and ended up coming into mine and dh's bed and dh got kicked out! I had a similar episode this lunchtime but finally got her to sleep after about 40 mins. This is truly draining and exhausting and I feel at my wits end with it! Any advice or tips? My husband says to be consisiten in what I do but it's so hard when she's screaming like that!

hefferlump Mon 01-Jun-09 15:00:55

I've been having exactly the same problems with my 19 month old son and I remember having some issues along these lines last Summer. Last night was truly dreadful and the previous two nights have also been difficult.
I ended up with him back downstairs last night at 9pm! - then in my bed for the night just like the previous night.

I honestly think the change in temperature and the very bright sunshine is having an impact on him. Tonight I am just going to have to pretend we live in Spain or somewhere similar - where they keep their kids up late because its so warm

Because he is such a good chap normally I am just going to have to go with the flow for a few more days until it cools down.

Hope you can find a solution that suits you - or - do what I'm going to do hmm

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