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Anyone else had a baby who sleeps nearly ALL the time day & night (now nearly 3 months)

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norahbatty Mon 01-Jun-09 13:51:37

I'm constantly worried about my ds and don't want to worry more - just wondered if this is in any way what other people have experienced?

In the day every day - He is awake for one hour at a time followed by 2 hr naps! Sometimes longer. Feeds 5 times a day & 2 at night & sleeps well at night after all this napping.

Anyone else had a baby do this when his age?

Littlepurpleprincess Mon 01-Jun-09 16:42:18

Sounds about right. That's what babies do. Is he your first child?

Pheebe Mon 01-Jun-09 17:56:53

Yup, ds2 was very similar and is still an excellent sleeper day and night at nearly 19 months

DS1 was a a different story and was and still is a very poor sleeper.

Enjoy it!

Congrats on your new baby smile

CatIsSleepy Mon 01-Jun-09 17:59:53

dd2 is coming up to 3 months. she can stay awake 1.5 hrs max at a time although sometimes slightly longer, will take naps that are anything from 45 mins to over 2 hours seemingly at random, is already in bed for the night and tends to wake up at 4am and then again at 6am...that any help? grin

Indith Mon 01-Jun-09 18:05:15

No I don't, would you like to swap?

Daffodilly Mon 01-Jun-09 18:37:15

Good to hear this. I have DS who is just over 4 months and also a big sleeper. Up for 1.5 hrs or max 2 hrs and then back to sleep for 45 mins - 2 hours. Thankfully also a good sleeper at night (so far - touch wood).

My first DD was never like this I am sure, so I was wondering if it was normal. With hindsight though I think we let DD get hugely overtired and now I am certain that contributed to many a night pacing the house at 3AM trying to settle her. Wish I'd know this the first time around.

norahbatty Mon 01-Jun-09 19:24:53

lol indith - I know it sounds like a totally ridiculous worry for a parent! But it is quite restrictive in it's own way- he is not flexible, so if he is kept awake a little too long I have a meltdown situation which is awful!

littlepurple - he is my second! But most babies his age do not do this any more - they are awake for quite a while longer which is why I wondered if anyone else with an "older" newborn had similar

Thanks pheebe smile

& glad to hear your similar experience (although 2 hours awake is unheard of so far for ds!!) daffodilly

CatIsSleepy Mon 01-Jun-09 19:59:05

norah-we have tiredness meltdown too...dd2 can be all sweetness and light if she gets enough sleep but an absolute nightmare if overtired. makes it hard to get out and about!

MrsMattie Mon 01-Jun-09 20:01:34

Yep, DD slept pretty much constantly from 0-3 months. Started waking up a bit in the fourth month. Now 6.5 mths and is awake most of the day, with one long-ish lunchtime nap. Still a fab night time sleeper, thank the Lord (had one bad sleeper, didn't want to go there again!).

bohemianbint Mon 01-Jun-09 20:05:45

DS2 started like this. It changes. grin

bohemianbint Mon 01-Jun-09 20:06:44

grin even!

iwantitnow Mon 01-Jun-09 21:02:56

DD was like that until 4 months, then you don't want to know. DS is hopefully the reverse so a month to go until I get some sleep perhaps...

norahbatty Tue 02-Jun-09 12:48:04


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