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Early Waking Baby Who Refuses To Go Back To Sleep

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Tinks2009 Sun 31-May-09 07:59:22

Hi there everybody. Have found some really good advice on the website so decided to post for the first time with a sleep problem I'm struggling with.

I'm lucky with my little one (just over 4 months old now) in that he is a relatively good sleeper but just wakes early in the morning (between 4am and 5am) and refuses to go back to sleep. He will fuss fairly loudly for upto 2 hours - never crying fully but just huffing and puffing. He will eventually start crying around 6am which is when we get him up.

We have made sure that his room is fully blacked out since we thought that could be the problem. Next, trying to go in and settle him back to sleep does not seem to work since he thinks it is time to get up for the day and is wide awake. It doesn't seem to be hunger related since when he does sleep through to say 6-6.30am then he will happily get up and play for a bit before feeding. We have thought about feeding him but don't want to set a new habit if he doesn't really need it.

Typically he goes to sleep around 7.30pm and although we used to do a dream feed at 10.30pm we have dropped that now (and he was waking early before we dropped it ). In terms of naps he used to be terrible but now he is pretty good. He has short naps in the morning and late afternoon and a long one of upto 2 hours over lunch.

I guess I'm just seeing whether anyone has any advice about how I could get him to sleep for a couple of hours longer? Is it ok to leave him fussing for a while on his own? Is there anything obvious I need to change in his routine?

Boys2mam Sun 31-May-09 09:21:44

There was a similiar thread a couple of days ago... advice is to give him a bottle - he's too little to go so long without milk My lo is 9 months and still has at least one bottle through the night My HV advised that until they're 12 mths + they can't hold enough to necessarily get them through the night.

Plus, the definition of sleeping through thr night is only a 6 hour stretch so he's still doing fab from 7.30 - 4/5am smile

Mones8Eva Sun 31-May-09 23:33:14

How old is your little one? Do you think he's getting too much overall sleep? My DD is just over 5/12 old and if she had a sleep of up to 2 hrs in the day, she wouldn't sleep as long at night as she does.

The other thing is that sometimes trying an earlier bedtime actually helps them to sleep longer in the morning, don't know why but it does.

I don't agree with the post above - if they're on solids and getting properly structured feeds of solids and milk during the day, there's no reason that they would need milk in the night.

A book I found brilliant was: Solve your child's sleep problems by Dr Ferber.

Boys2mam Tue 02-Jun-09 13:50:46

He's only 4 months old!!!!

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