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Night waking - help please

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NotQuiteSoBigBird Sun 31-May-09 07:59:06

I have a feeling that as I write this I'm going to feel silly but here goes...

I have five-month old twins who are wonderful. They are non-identical and have very different characters. The DD is a great sleeper, goes down for naps and nighttime sleeps whenever and wherever, sleeping through from 2 or 3 months. The DS is a little more challenging! I was very happy with a routine with my first DD but haven't worried about that so much with my DTs, except for a bit of structure with feeding and bath/bed time. DS has always woken at about 3 or 4am, in the first months I fed him but he was often difficult to settle after that feed. About a month ago, I decided to stop feeding him then as he would not be hungry in the morning (6/7am) - and though he has continued to wake most nights at 3/4 am he whinges sometimes for up to 2 hours on and off but doesn't seem to need food, as when we get him up at 6am or later if he's gone back to sleep, he is happy to wait a while before feeding.

When he wakes at 3/4, I go in and give him a stroke every so often to let him know we're there, but don't pick him. This often seems to make him worse, he cries a bit then goes back to whingeing. He started rolling over a couple of weeks ago so that's not helping either - we have tried leaving him on his tummy, turning him back over, neither seems to do the trick on any regular basis.

I wondered if the daytime sleeping was the problem so (horror) introduced a bit of Gina, and he has been sleeping like a dream at 9 (30/45 mins) and 12 (2 hours). He eats like a horse, definitely getting enough milk, including a 10.30pm dream feed. We are waiting to start solids as we want to do BLW.

I suspect I know the answer (he'll grow out of it) - and I realise we are pretty lucky to have things this easy with twins, but in case anyone could think of something that could sort out this one little blip I thought I'd come and ask!

Thanks everyone grin

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