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18 month old, throwing things - how to discipline?

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vnmum Sat 30-May-09 21:55:39

my DD is throwing or should i say launching things and i dont really know how to deal with it. she hasnt got many words but i know she understands more than she can verbalise. she just launhes things eg. halfway through her breakfast or tea she will just throw her fork or spoon, and its with force, either into the room or sometimes in the direction of DS who sits opposite, or today she was looking at a plastic beaker in tescos while we were at the till then she launched it across the aisle for no apparent reason. it was lucky no one was walking past as they would have been hurt.

i tell her no throwing an dtake her food away if its during meals then ask her if she can eat it nicely and give it back but its the other times i am at a loss for. she'll do it with toys or other random items and it seems to be for no reason. ok sometimes its in a temper like when shes been told she cant have something or do something but other times theres no reason at all.

can someone please help before she injures someone or i have to hole up in my house for fear of what she might do

bubblagirl Sun 31-May-09 08:25:25

its after a reaction so i would remove whatever she has thrown firm no and thats it ignore

i think they all go through these phases its a way of getting a reaction from you so best to not react if dinner can be eaten with fingers remove the cutlery and let eat with fingers with lots of praise how nice she's eating

i was just always careful of how i positioned trolley id make sure ds had a toys of some sort that can be attached to pushchair or trolley and cant be thrown

lots of praise

i would ignore as much as you can and firm no and removal of toy

meal times i tended not to create so much as didnt want them to become negative so i would never remove meal just the spoon or fork and let him eat with fingers

Sycamoretreeisvile Sun 31-May-09 08:36:07

I agree with bubblagirl. There's not much more you can do at this age other than eye level firm NO and then remove offending missile.

It is quite a phrase, and I think much to do with a frustration of lack of language and ability to express themselves verbally.

DS is 20 months now and is just coming out of this phase, but it drove me made whilst it was happening, so you have my sympathy.

likessleep Sun 31-May-09 18:47:43

19mth ds is the same! he's doing it less now. when he throws, we say 'no' firmly and then say "put it down nicely", show him and then give him ridiculous praise for putting something down nicely. bit ott, but he is having fewer throwing episodes than he was, but that may just be co-incidence / getting older.

i do feel for them though, as ds throwing started after he got a few balls. so i think it takes a while for them to distinguish what they are allowed to throw and not allowed to throw.

pamelat Sun 31-May-09 18:55:13

same here. DD 16 months.

We taught her to throw a ball and now she wants to throw everything.

We say "no" and try to explain why " you might hurt yourself" etc. It must be very confusing for them, and frustrating for us of course.

saintmaybe Sun 31-May-09 19:04:14

And maybe set a long time aside to throw things that can be thrown in the garden or something tomorrow as well, really play hard with it and have a lot of fun. If she's just learned to do something new you might find you get further with saying 'this is NOT the time' if sometimes there IS a time. When they've found a new fun thing to do sometimes kids want to practice?

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