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Anyone used Muzzy?

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Ebb Sat 30-May-09 09:50:08

I'm a nanny and my boss asked me if I'd had any experience of the language tapes, Muzzy. I've seen them advertised but don't know anyone who's used them. Her ds is 4.7 and starts school in Sept. I think she's looking for things to stretch his mind. She's in no way a pushy mother but the nursery that feeds the school already teaches French.

So anyone used them? Are they any good? Thanks.

insywinsyspider Sat 30-May-09 21:10:22

my ds's are 3 (couple of weeks ago) and 18months, we have Muzzy French, boys enjoy watching it, no idea how much is going in but they like the songs and I hope it makes them more receptive to language when they are older - one of my best friends at uni had the videos when she was little and she's a scientist and fluent in french (did it in her own time and worked out there) thats why I wanted boys to watch it

will be watching to see anyone elses experience

MaggieBee Sat 30-May-09 21:14:15

Maybe you could try ordering something like peppa pig dvds off

Might be a lot cheaper??

Sago Sun 31-May-09 08:16:42

we used german muzzy before moving to a german speaking country. hmm...mixed feelings about it. here are some of the things I did not like about it- maybe only the german one though.
The songs were translated from english so did not rhyme in german.
My eldest DD (5yrs) was bored quickly and refused to watch it (but would watch other dvds in german) but youngest (3 at time) loved it (but then she could sit in front of tv for ages if allowed).
It focused on basic vocab without much sentence structure etc.
I think it might do as a good introduction, but rather expensive for what it is. Don't believe all you read in the adverts about it (you probably won't, but I did!). Also, i think there is a free trial period so you could get it, check it out fully and then decide whether it does the trick for you.
My kids learnt some german from it, but of course it has to be reinforced in other ways...

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