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Eating toothpaste

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vwvic Sat 07-May-05 09:43:38

I just found my 3yo dd2 balanced on the rim of the bathroom sink eating toothpaste. She was out of the room for literally 2 minutes. I dont think she ate too much, maybe only a 3-4 cm length, IYSWIM, if that.I have tried time and time again to stop her from doing this, and I can't cope any more. She seems to remember for about a fortnight then I'm not sure if she just forgets or doesn't care about getting into trouble by doing it. I say this because she said "but it just tastes so good!" And it's a really strongly minty one we bought to discourage her from eating it in the first place! I feel like really ineffective crap parent.
So, what else can I do/try? We already have the box it's kept in so high I can barely reach it, and she has obviously worked out how to get to it.We've tried doing star charts and other behaviour modification stuff that works when she is doing it, but as soon as the chart etc finishes she's back to her old tricks again.
Please help, I'm desparetly worried she's going to give herself flouride poisoning. Sorry for the rant, I'm at the end of my tether already and its only 9:45

basketcase Sat 07-May-05 09:51:37

My DD ( 4 yrs) loves toothpaste and will eat a whole tube if she gets her hands on it. We have a high bathroom cabinet and keep it on the top shelf in there - even dragging a chair in from the office is no good, she has tried that!
The only thing you can do to stop her is to put it out of her reach/hide it until she loses interest. Sorry - I know that is rather an obvious answer. Even somewhere like the top of your wardrobe and brought out at bathtime should do the ttrick. If she is as determined as mine, it will take prevention to stop it rather than positive encouragment to leave it alone.
Good Luck.

vwvic Sat 07-May-05 10:06:28

Thanks for your reply, it's exactly what I suspected. The only problem is she can reach the highest cabinet by the precarious balancing act described below, and we have no wadrobes etc- all built in. I even put it in a lockable petty cash box, but she managed to open it!
Part of the problem is that she doesn't eat it for ages, so tricking us into thinking she's lost interest, then bingo! a whole tube gone in one unless we catch her in the act.

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