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working from home

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kidbell Tue 29-Apr-03 12:08:30

hi everyone, i was wondering if anyone has got any ideas on working from home. My sister in law and i where talking lastnight about how it would be great to work from home and be with the kids at the same time. I looked on the net but most of them are send cash first. I just wondered if anyone had tryed and tested anything that works. I need something as my brain has gone into meltdown with all the babytalk.

sezza Tue 29-Apr-03 12:29:20

Hi kidbell. Partner and I run our own business from home. Our kids are 2 and 5 and IT IS NOT EASY!!! I've worked from home for 4 years. Originally I thought, great! I can still have the kids at home, but honestly, it is not possible. I work 3 days a week in the (home)office and I still have to send my youngest to nursery - if she was here I wouldn't be able to work. Luckily, eldest is at school but before that he also went to nursery. Unless you do something that is dead easy such as packing envelopes, I suppose that could be done with kids around.

Meanmum Tue 29-Apr-03 12:31:28

It's really hard to work from home and I wouldn't advise doing that while the kids are there as they are a full time job in themselves.

I work from home a lot and have to force myself to be motivated and stick to it. I'm sure if it was my business I would be motivated mind you.

An easy answer to your question about how easy it is to motivate yourself whilst working at home is to look at how long I spend on mumsnet as opposed to actually working (which is what I should be doing right now).

quackers Tue 29-Apr-03 15:30:04

Hi Kidbell!
I run my own Virgin Cosmetics business from home. Its great! It all fits in with you and your life and you make so many contacts and friends. The support is there 100% from Virgin. It's not like Avon - I have never done door to door in my life!I put in between 5 and 10 hours per week although I could easily do more if didn't work too. It's up to you. If think it might be of interest - let me know, ( I get no money for this). I can tell you a bit more.

SueW Tue 29-Apr-03 16:25:48

quackers, isn't Virgin mainly evening work though? That wouldn't fit around my life at all In fact, most of the jobs I see advertised that 'fit around your life' (one of the big call centres locally ran an ad like this a couple of weeks ago) involve working in the evenings and they are a complete No-Go for me.

quackers Tue 29-Apr-03 16:42:20

SueW. It depends really. But I would say you would need to be available for some evenings. I do about 2-3 evenings per month (of MY choice). I have office events at lunch times for occasions like Mothers Day and Xmas. Also, Mum and baby groups, maternity wards etcc. There are many possibilities. I don't put as much effort in as some of the girls here. They earn themselves alot of money for doing about 15hours per week.

beetroot Tue 29-Apr-03 18:09:08

Message withdrawn

SueW Tue 29-Apr-03 19:24:30

Thanks quackers.

kidbell Wed 30-Apr-03 13:39:04

hi all thanks a million for your suggestions, as my partner works full time i would be on my own with this one, but let face it girls that isnt always a bad thing(haha). I would love to earn enought cash just to help out at the end of the month or give us a bit extra to play with.My eldest is at school and my youngest is 2 so time would be limited but i would be willing to put in the hours if it ment a good return.Evenings are really hard for me as kids are in bed at 7pm and dad doesnt get home till 7.30pm so it would really have to be something i could do in the house rather than going out (dont wont alot do i) I know that if you what something you have to go and get it ,that it wont come to you, but ive heard so many people in the past say they work from home and i thought maybe i could do it too so if there is any millionaire business men or women out there looking for home workers please dont hesitate to contact me(lol)

kidbell Wed 30-Apr-03 13:49:45

sorry its me AGAIN ,quackers could you let me know what exactly is involved with vigin and after reading my life story (sorry again) do you think it would be good for me and the spare time i have .I can also work all day weekends.Do you network not that that would be a problem as i come from a sales back ground but im a bit rusty

quackers Wed 30-Apr-03 14:19:49

Hi Kidbell!
I' tell you exactly what hours I do. I already work but would happily and probably will just do Virgin as my only job. I have been doing it about 4-5 months and really enjoy it. It is my own business but have the full back up of the Virgin brand and support network. Indcidentally, alot of the stuff is over the internet and I place orders through our dedicated consultant website so no lenghty phone calls/faxes. I do about 3 classes per month. I don't start the class usually until 8-8.30pm (fits in well for hubby)and do about an hour and then collect orders. I sometimes do day classes and have friends collect orders from their workplace. Many people reorder the goods because they are so good. I take about £800 per month in sales and of that I would get about £200. Holidays, kids sickness, other commitment nver interfere. A friend of mine takes £2000 per month for about 15 hours work! I never feel that I am actually selling. It is more a presentation. The stuff sells itself! You are given training, again, when it suits you and this can be built upon. The rewards are immense and increase with sales and you can move up to be a manager if you want quite quickly. You are given lots of things to incentivise your customers and look afetr them. What else would you like to know? I also do the odd event - ie Xmas/ Mothers Day. You get lots of new leads. Xmas is a big money maker. I never do door to door. You should never need to.
Sorry going on a bit here. Let me know if you want more info. I can post it to you. (I get no money for this) I just want Mums to know how easy it is!!

kidbell Wed 30-Apr-03 14:58:49

hi quackers that sound terriffic as i worked for Elizabeth Arden for 3 years so i can sell make-up no problem ,the presentations worries me not because i couldnt do it as we done gold card evenings at Arden but because being a stay home mum i really dont have a large circle of women to sell too in saying that i would have all the mums at school and my neighbours is there an inital outlay and is it a cataloge of make-up or do you alway have to do demos ,is there skincare too.

meTracyH Thu 01-May-03 22:34:11

Hi kidbell

Have you or your sister in law looked at Usborne Books at Home as a possiblitly.

I have been working with them for almost 3 years, I put in a lot of hours, as my kids are both at school, however I have a team of ladies with children who do as much as they choose. One of my ladies has 2 year old twins, another has a toddler and a baby due this week - I very much believe that you should put in what you want!

We set no sales or booking targets, we often show our books at coffee mornings, toddler groups, pre-schools (in fact you will find many places that you already visit would love to see the books).

Plus you can buy anything you like for your children at great discounts!

If you would like more specific information my email address is

I love it!

quackers Thu 01-May-03 23:08:34

Yes it all starts from neighbours, school etc.. If I remember rightly you make 2 post dated cheques to the company. They send you a kit of skincare and makeup worth about £400 and give you your training. It's worth getting the info to read at home. Let me know if you want to chat offline.

MummyUsborne Fri 02-May-03 18:53:48

HI Kidbell, I would love to have you and your sister in law on my team selling award-winning children's books! It's fun, easy and anyone can do it! There's a fantastic joining offer on for MAY - 150 pounds worth of books in the starter kit package for just 38 pounds (and it's refundable!). Email me for more details on this unmissable offer and excellent job being your own boss and working from home:

Scoobie Sat 03-May-03 13:07:12

I work from home, I produce websites (one of the few dotcoms along with mumsnet that has managed to stay in business the last 5 years!). I would agree with the other posters that it can be hard to do with children around, my youngest now goes to nursery. Remember that you get nursery grants when they are 3/4 which can cover much of the cost.

The huge advantage of working from home is the flexibility, although you do need to be disciplined. I can organise my work flow to ease off during holidays and pick up during the term. If it's a nice day, I can just decide to do it all in the evening.

Do you need to earn money straight away? If not, how about doing a course at a local education college to pick up some new skills. Many have free/cheap creches.

My Mum also worked from home when we were younger, making curtains, loose covers etc.

All the best

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