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Help ds pooed in the bath last week and now refuses to get back in the bath......

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ilovespinach Wed 27-May-09 19:43:25

DS1 (3.1) had an accident in the bath last week. I didn't make a big deal out of it and just picked him up out of the bath. TBH it was the last I thought of it until today....

As I was running the bath he got very upset and said he didn't want a bath and then refused to get in. I tried to explain that I wasn't cross about what happened last time and that it didn't matter if it happened again. He said he wanted to go in with his nappy on. So I lifted him in and thought I'd be able just to whip it away but no, it backfired and he refused to sit down so I just washed him down with a sponge and got him out asap.

So where do we go from here? Do I let him sit in the bath in a nappy? Or do I push it and make him sit in?

bristols Wed 27-May-09 19:50:25

What about if you get in with him?

ilovespinach Wed 27-May-09 20:07:44

could be worth a try brisols - be a bit of a squash with me, ds1 and ds2 (there's no was ds2 would want to miss out on a bath)

ijustwant8hours Thu 28-May-09 12:41:33

I've started putting DS in fully dressed for similar reasons. If I make a big deal about how funny the nappy is he will let me take it off.....

I'm hoping he will settle down in a week or so

ilovespinach Thu 28-May-09 13:16:04

will try again today with the nappy then

Welsummer Thu 04-Jun-09 22:53:06

My daughter did the same, and it took her a good few weeks of just taking a shower on her own whilst sat in the bath with the plug in to get over it. I then started introducing her baby brother to get in too and she then bace more absorbed in playing with him and now is absolutely fine in a bath again! Good luck...

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