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Another should I ask for SALT thread

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SoftFroggie Fri 06-May-05 20:31:12

I know that loads of people worry about their kid's speech, and I'm one of them. I want to know whether I should seek SALT for my DS, or whether I'm just over-worrying ...

He was a little slow to start talking (only about 4 words at 18mo), but now (2.5yrs) has what seems to me to be a good vocab and good at putting words together (sentences up to 10 words).

He is still very unclear - there's a bunch of stuff he says which makes no sense, and more that even I struggle to understand. Some things are very clear, and he generally makes himself understoof on the crucial things. What bothers me most is the different sounds he can't make - the key ones being z, s and c sounds. He either misses them out or replaces with b or d. For him, a snake makes a funny breathing out noise, and a bee goes "eeeeee". What makes me most sad is that as these include ALL the consonants in his first name, he can't even say his name.

Is it still to early to worry, and it'll come, or should I be hassling my HV again for SALT referal? Long waiting list here (as everywhere) - if it's worthwhile, I could pay for a few private sessions. We've seen an audiologist for a hearing check - that was fine.

miam Fri 06-May-05 20:42:15

I think your ds is still very young to be worrying about his speech. Z, s and c are quite common letters to be pronounced as b and d at this stage. My dd4 is 4.3 and is only now pronouncing c and s properly (she has been seeing a SALT since she turned 4). It's more than likely he will be fine.

One tip though, don't ask him to repeat words if he says them incorrectly. It will only put him off and make him self-conscious about speaking (experience taught me this!). Instead, when dd mispronounces a word, I say 'Imogen look.' and when she is watching me, I point to my mouth and say the word. I do not ask her to repeat it, just wait to see if she does. If she does repeat it I commend her, even if it is wrong. If you ds does not repeat the word, just do the same thing next time, eventually he will start copying you. xx

mizmiz Fri 06-May-05 20:43:13

I'm a salt,softfroggie.What you are describing is a speech (ie production of sounds) problem cetainly not a language problem if he is already putting 10 word sentences together. That's great btw!!

Unsurprisingly,he seems to have problems with a specific set of sounds (sounds are grouped by salts according to how they are produced.)These are known as fricatives. BTW,does he have problems with f sh and th as well?

I would ask your HV for a referral.Don't let the salt shortage put you off! We'll only get more if we continually demonstrate that supply =demand!

It's not a serious problem,he'll probably outgrow it himself,but a salt would be able to jog him on.
If you do use a private one,make sure they list 'child phonology' as an interst/speciality.

NB Interesting that hearing ok. People with hearing loss often are unable to produce these sounds as they are high frequency sounds,and therefore not easily heard.

mizmiz Fri 06-May-05 20:47:18

But yes,miam is absolutely right. 2.5 is very young and we wouldn't expect children to have sorted out their sound system by this age.
Ask for a referral if you need some reassurance though. They generally take an age to come through, and you can always cancel if you feel happier about the speech.

SoftFroggie Fri 06-May-05 21:02:26

Thanks -

yes, mizmiz, he has problems with f, sh, th as well. He also misses out middle consonants (e.g. "bu-er" for butter), but I think that's something different, and again will come. He was so slow speaking that I'm delighted whatever / however he speaks.

He had rotten colds for most of the winter when he was 11 to 16 months (day nursery), so retrospectively I suspect some loss of hearing during that time - I hadn't realsied that these sounds were related to hearing loss though. The audiology nurse did various tests including one where he picked up various small items including horse / fork (I'm sure you know the one I mean) and he did that spot on, even though he couldn't say half the words.

I'll go back to HV and ask for (demand) a referal. If he's outgrown it by the time it comes up, so much the better. If not, then I have the appt. He's just started pre-school, and he tells the other kids he's called "a-ee" cos he can't manage any of the consonants. Might wiat a bit before trying private - there's one local SALT who lists infants / children as an interest, not sure she specifies "phonology".

I rarely ask him to say / repeat anything (only as a game), but often repeat the words back to him in my replies. I'm currently on mat leave, so he's at home with me most of the time.

BTW the 10 word sentence was after an accident in the bath: "great big poo going round and round in plug hole". The wonders of child conversation!

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