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food strike - 13mths old

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slim22 Fri 06-May-05 15:40:06

hello everyone,
In the past month or so DS has lost his apetite. Ever since we started weaning process at 6mths, he just ate what we put on his plate, without any fuss.
He still has milk morning afternoon and bedtime.
Breakfast is just a couple of pieces of fruit and maybe a rice cake or two. He hates cereal/baby rice.
Lunch is a few bites of vegies (thank God he loves them all) a tiny bit of meat and one little piece of fruit if he really is hungry (he does not like sweet foods)
Diner is next to nothing.He is otherwise very happy.
What should I do. Let it be??

fastasleep Fri 06-May-05 15:42:33

I would let it be, you'd be amazed how little toddlers actually need, especially if he's still on milk. My 14 month old is now on milk in the morning and night but water or diluted fresh fruit juice through the day - you could try cutting out the afternoon milk if you're worried?

Nemo1977 Fri 06-May-05 15:55:10

aww slim my ds did this for a few months was even told he had gone underweight but then at about 17mths he started again and he eats great.
The one thing i did do was to intro a set snack at around 11am and 3.30pm which works well for him.

beki Fri 06-May-05 17:09:39

Hi slim,
My ds was the same, he was a very good eatter and then when he reached 12mths he decided all he would eat was toast and yogurt and weetabix and nothing else.
Unfortunatly i went along with this and it got to the point where if i tryed to get him to eat anything else it was making him sick constantly.
He did this for 18mths and lost a lot of weight and worried drs and hv's alot.
My dr decided the best thing i could do was to take away what he was eatting and replace it with something different and if he didn't eat it then he wouldn't eat, sounds awful, but they won't stave themselves!
He didn't eat for four days apart from his milk and eventually he gave in and started to try what was put in front of him.
Ds is know 3yrs and 5mths and eats most things apart from he still doesn't like veg.
I know it's sounds like a really mean thing to do, but see how your ds goes for a while and then maybe talk to your hv if he starts to loose weight.
Hope this can be of some help to you, but don't panic it may just be a phase, i think you just have to control it the best you can.
Hope it goes well

slim22 Sat 07-May-05 11:00:26

thanks for all your tips.
I figured I should cut afternoon milk, which I did yesterday and he did eat some dinner with us.
I also just realised that he is more enthousiastic when he sits down to eat with us, which we will try more often, but not realistic because of DH working hours.
My worry now is that he only gets about 1/2 pint milk (morning + evening) instead of recommended 1 pint.He does not like yogurt anymore, so I will try and sneak grated cheese in his food.
PS: Do you give a glass of milk at mealtimes or just water??
Basically, appart from milk feeds,we only do water, occasionnaly, one freshly squeezed orange diluted with water.

Nemo1977 Sat 07-May-05 11:16:13

i give my ds water with his meals. He also still has his afternoon cup of milk most days but as its in a cup he doesnt gulp it down in the same way as he used to with the bottle

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