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very down-in-the-dumps four year old

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rainyday Thu 05-May-05 13:58:24

My son, who is almost four, seems to go through periods when he just seems really fed up. He whines about everything, is very sensitive,is generally uncommunicative and difficult to please. I dont think theres anything wrong, its just his personality. I think alot of it has to do with jealousy/competition with his younger sister who is very outgoing and consequently gets lots of attention. Nevertheless it really upsets me and makes me worry because i feel he's not happy. These 'blue'periods can last for a few weeks at a time and then he seems himself again. This pattern - of being ok and then not ok- has gone on for quite a while. We do all we can to give him lots of affirmation, one on one attention but with two kids and both of us working it's hard. Does anyone have a similar experience. Sometimes it just helps to know that their behaviour is 'normal'

Iklboo Thu 05-May-05 14:07:56

Maybe he's just being a normal bloke!
Sorry, not very helpful. Perhaps he sees it that, if he's blue and upset, THEN he gets the attention & focus away from his little sister. Yuo never know how tiny mids work and he might think this is the only way to be the centre of attention. If you're really worried, maybe a chat with your GP or local Heath Visitor might help. Does he actgually say there's anything wrong with him at these times?

Magscat Thu 05-May-05 14:35:46

Was he like this before his sister was born?

My lad is 4 in July and has a fairly introverted nature. He gets really anxious about changes to routine and refuses to join in anything new - like sports at nursery or going to see Santa. I worried about this for ages but then realised he's just like his Dad. He knows what he wants to do and if he doesn't see the point in an activity he will simply refuse to do it.

Is your boy anxious about things or just sad alot of the time for no apparent reason. I.e. is he sad because various things bother him from time to time. E.g. forthcoming nursery events ?

My son had a bit of a wobble at the thought of a nursery farm trip, sports day, nativity play and official photo day -this manifested itself in more clingy behaviour, tears and 'I don't want to go to nursery'.

Any of this sound familiar or am I way off track?

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