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DS has started taking his nappy off at bedtime then weeing in his bed. Any tips?

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castille Tue 19-May-09 10:14:12

Just that really - he is 2.10 and at naptime and bedtime he regularly takes off his grobag, pyjama bottoms and nappy, sometimes his top too. I've found him asleep, naked and wet in his cot several times.

How can I stop him doing this? I'm fed up with washing sheets and clothes endlesslysad

Stayingsunnygirl Tue 19-May-09 10:40:31

Sellotape him into the nappy - that used to stop my dses doing this. I did once read someone suggesting that you put the nappy on back to front, which makes accessing the tabs far harder. Sellotape works best, imo, though.

castille Tue 19-May-09 11:05:13

He's in pull-ups at the moment, I'd have thought that tab nappies were even easier to remove?

Isn't sellotape easy to pull off?

bronze Tue 19-May-09 11:06:07

vest with poppers or sleepsuit with popperes pt on backwards

Stayingsunnygirl Tue 19-May-09 11:07:54

I used to make the sellotape go all the way round and overlap at the back, and that used to foil escape attempts.

castille Tue 19-May-09 11:29:59

He can undo poppers and he's too big (nearly 3) for sleepsuitssad

I've tried reasoning with him, and he nods solemnly and says yes mummy, but the message doesn't get through. You'd think he's MIND being cold and wethmm

Sellotape it is... will try later.

Stayingsunnygirl Tue 19-May-09 11:48:38

Remember to have a pair of scissors in your pocket so you can cut him out of the nappy when you take it off.

And good luck!

BTW - it could be worse - when ds1 was doing this it was at bedtime and always because he'd got a pooey nappy - he'd take it off and leave it on the bedroom floor, then either put his pjs back on over his pooey bottom, or just get straight back into bed, half naked. Or he'd wipe himself on the couch they had in the bedroom! Then when we found him, we'd have to get him back up, clean off the dried on poo and re-nappy him - and clear up after him too.

We tried reasoning with him too - and told him to call us if he'd got a pooey nappy, and we'd come straight up and change it. That night, just as we sat down with supper, we heard him calling, so dh and I went up to find him stark naked apart from a thick layer of sudocrem, with a pooey nappy on the floor, and globs of sudocrem everywhere!!

I whisked ds1 off to the bathroom where it took three washes to get all the sudocrem off, whilst dh scraped it out of the carpet and off the furniture - the carpet was never the same again.

It was after this that we resorted to sellotape!!

acebaby Tue 19-May-09 13:16:56

Is he out of daytime nappies? If so, it might be that he takes off the nappy just before he wees so that he doesn't feel it next to his skin. It might be time to consider a bed, a potty by the bed and no nappy (scary thought I know!).

Otherwise, I recommend pampers bed mats. Make up his cot with a few layers alternating sheets and bedmats. If you find him wet, you can just strip off the bed and put him down on the next layer. Much less stressful than remaking a whole bed in the middle of the night

iwouldgoouttonight Tue 19-May-09 13:23:51

My DS went through a stage of this but has now stopped. No suggestions apart from sellotaping it on (wish we'd thought of that at the time!). I went in one morning to find DS naked and holding his hand out. I took his hand thinking he wanted to hold hands, only to find it was covered in poo!

castille Tue 19-May-09 14:18:45

How revolting Stayingsunny and Iwould! Why is it always boys?! I had 2 girls before DS and they were much less ikkygrin

Yes he's out of daytime nappies. He won't use a potty though, never has, so I don't think the bed-potty-nappyless idea would work.

I tried the bed mats but they aren't big enough - he has the knack of weeing on unprotected bits - so I have gone back to washable mattress covers. But layering them sounds like a good plan. Luckily I have several!

bronze Tue 19-May-09 14:23:39

ds1 and dd were my poo spreaders. I think its equal

DesperateHousewifeToo Tue 19-May-09 15:26:31

Can you put his gro-bag on back to front?

PinkPetal38 Tue 19-May-09 15:37:44

I'm sorry - i can't advise anything, but Stayingsunnygirl your story has made my afternoon - thank you!

castille Tue 19-May-09 17:00:02

One of his grobags I could put on back to front, but the one he's in today has a side zip.

He was tired today and didn't attempt any tricks at naptime, but a long nap means he'll be less worn out at bedtime... I'll see how determined he is when he's sellotaped into his nappy with a popper vest over that and a grobag on back-to-frontgrin

DesperateHousewifeToo Tue 19-May-09 17:10:37

You'll probably only need to sellotape/put grobag on back to front for a few times. It only took a couple of nights to stop my ds doing it years ago.

castille Tue 19-May-09 17:23:27

I hope sosmile

maudacious2 Wed 22-Jul-09 13:43:40

This has been useful. My DS is almost 20 months. We've half heartedly started potty training but he wont sit on it. Other morning found him sat on toilet lid with pull ups half on half off saying 'poo poo' with poo smeared on seat.
This morning went in to wake him up and found him naked in his cot, not even a nappy, had taken grobag, babygro & nappy off, done a truly massive poo and then thrown it out of the cot and smeared it on the wall next to the cot and all over his pillow and sheets. All over his hands, his bedroom stunk to high heaven. I felt like he was making a dirty protest about something.
The taking clothes off is something he is doing more and more and I don't understand why- is it a phase they all go through? Several times we've found him naked in his cot in the morning and shivering.
Will try sellotape tonight.

DesperateHousewifeToo Wed 22-Jul-09 14:30:16

I think they just get to the stage developmentally where they actually can undress, so they do smile

I guess it is all part of life's big learning curve.

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