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How do you deal with other peoples opinions?

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kid Fri 29-Apr-05 10:05:43

I know my kids are no angels, especially DS. But how do you deal with other peoples nasty comments? Of course its all my fault DS behaves the way he does
Just wondered if you are meant to ignore the comments or try and stand up for you kids?

I can take advice for my kids but get fed up with 'I wouldn't put up with that if I was you' Like I can just wave a magic wand and change them instantly.

Avalon Fri 29-Apr-05 10:11:27

Well, if it comes from an older person, what about saying in a breezy tone - 'things have changed since your day. I don't expect you'd understand modern parenting methods'.

collision Fri 29-Apr-05 10:14:54

Bog Off! If you cant say anything nice, then dont say anything at all.

Caligula Fri 29-Apr-05 10:35:14

I don't find that people offer opinions.

Maybe I'm just too scary!

Loobie Fri 29-Apr-05 20:45:55

I tend to tell them 'its ok he/she has a parnet who can look after them quite sufficiently!!!

RnB Fri 29-Apr-05 20:47:19

Message withdrawn

zebraX Fri 29-Apr-05 20:47:40

Wow, what did someone say to you, Kid?

Neighbour has said a few unkind things about DS1, like he's really boisterous or wild. But I know her boy is just as bad, worse in my observation! So her comments don't get to me.... most people say nice things about my kids, thankfully.

WideWebWitch Sat 30-Apr-05 18:54:17

someone here suggested raising an eyebrow (if you can do that kind of thing!) and saying "interesting." and leaving it at that. No confrontation, no agreement, very enigmatic. And you can be thinking whatever you like! To "I wouldn't put up with that if I were you" I think the answer is "well, you're not!" said with a sweet smile.

Donbean Sat 30-Apr-05 19:06:19

My friend suggested to me that when some one is pissing her off with comments/opinions/statements etc she has a ticker tape system running through her head in capitals saying...."eat sh*t and die, eat sh*t and die" continuously. All the time she smiles sweetly and says nothing.
Now i know the expression on her face which indicates that this ticker tape is running and i just say to her "eat sh*t and die?" to which she always replies "oh yes" in a synister tone!!!!

Caligula Sat 30-Apr-05 20:02:19

Thought of another one which my marvellous HV advised: "Thank you for your concern".

Said in whatever tone of voice you want, with whatever expression on your face you want.

Mosschops30 Sat 30-Apr-05 20:29:47

Message withdrawn

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