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8 month DD refusing to drink milk ...

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Werdna Mon 27-Apr-09 13:14:37

She had always been fussy with both breastfeeding and drinking formula, and had had god knows how many nursing strikes since she was 3 months old. She seemed to have a few weeks of bad feeding then maybe a week or two of good feeding. She has taken really well to solids since 5 and half months, but since the last month has been going more and more off her milk feeds, each feed would take an hour, and she drinks maybe 100 ml each time. (morning, afternoon and evening). She drinks maybe 40-50 ml before lunchtime. For each feed, usually she stops now at 50 ml and cries or just struggles, I give her a break, she takes another 10 - 20 ml (really really slowly, she would suck but not swallow basically), another break, and so it continues for the hour. It is exhausting, and I don't know what to do. Should I change formula? She is using SMA Follow on Milk at the moment. Should I give her less solids so she drinks more? (she takes around 12 - 20 teaspoons of food, more during lunchtime than teatime). I also tried giving milk to her in the beaker as she takes water from it, but she just lets it drop back out of her mouth. Also tried a MAM trainer cup but she just pushes it out of her mouth and starts playing with the teat.

Any similar experiences/suggestions?

pagwatch Mon 27-Apr-09 13:17:07

My DS1 did this and actually I assumed it was somthing to do with colic.
Found out years later he is massively intolerant to milk. I think now he was trying to reject it IYSWIM

Werdna Mon 27-Apr-09 13:23:06

Didn't think of that, hope he is well and healthy now! She hasn't vomited up milk for a few months now though.She is so healthy and happy otherwise though. Just want to get her near the recommended guideline of 500-600 ml of milk a day...

Mummywannabe Thu 30-Apr-09 14:23:52

My little boy does this periodically. I now just bottle feed him first and last thing, he takes about 3 ounces then stops. I give him something to hold (has to be soemthing different he hasn't seen before, actually i'm running out of ideas!) and then he will take the rest (with frequent stops). I give him 3 x milky puddings a day *breakfast, lunch and tea to make up to 20 ounces in total. (we just about make it). We also swapped to C&G comfort which seemed to make him more comfortable (used follow on as HV said if he is not taking enough mik it has more iron i think)

moocowme Thu 30-Apr-09 21:07:48

My DS flately refused to drink formula after 6 months. One day in desperation I gave him a bottle of cows milk to see what he did and he gulped it down and has never looked back. GP and HV were not worried as he was a good eater.

zaza123 Tue 26-May-09 03:59:17

I am having the same problems. My baby has not taken well to solids though. Do you have any suggestions. Did you get any responses. Please let me know

Hootie Sun 07-Jun-09 22:09:21

I'm having similar experiences with my 8 month old DD who fights us with her bottles and only consumes about 10oz per day. She's getting better at drinking water from a cup (refuses that from bottle). I'm more worried about dehydration than anything as she eats her solids really well. Is this enough fluid per day? Is it okay that her food is having to be so sloppy still to get just this vol of milk in? feel like im holding her back as all her little mates are starting on finger food. I'm really worried and fed up.

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