Laughing & Hiccups!!

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PandaBear Tue 22-Apr-03 14:08:31

Hi All, My DD is turning into a bit of a giggler (10 months old), which I think is absolutely adorable. Only thing is, everytime she laughs she gets hiccups.

Has anyone else had experience of this?

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Nutjob Tue 22-Apr-03 20:34:45

My dd (who is 3yrs 3 mths) ALWAYS get hiccups after a fit of the giggles, usually after playing with her Daddy. Don't know why, but it doesn't seem to do her any harm!!!!

Emski Tue 22-Apr-03 21:58:24

My dd is 2 and a half and also always gets hiccups after she's been laughing a lot. Doesn't worry me, but it's reassurring to know others are the same!

prufrock Sat 26-Apr-03 13:47:41

dd is 11 months and has done this since about 4 months. It doesn't seem to bother her, but her hiccups will usually stop if she has a drink

morocco Sat 26-Apr-03 14:35:40

ds hiccuped from about 6 months pre birth onwards and is still a little hiccuper esp if he gets the giggles. Seems to be getting better tho.
Noone believed he was hiccuping like mad while I was pregnant so I was quite pleased to prove them wrong when he kept doing it once born.

prufrock Sat 26-Apr-03 15:13:15

morrocco - my d also hiccupe whilst I was pregnant, adn nobody believedme - until I got ill and had to have 3 hours of monitoring a day - you could see the hiccups on the chart

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