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17 month old that bites! [sad]

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giggler8 Thu 28-Apr-05 11:23:21

Please can anyone offer me advice on how I can get my 17 month old daughter to stop biting, is this just a phase or something more serious?? She only does it when she gets frustrated with something or when something is taken off her that she wants but should not have or when she does not want to do something otherwise she is a content child, please any advice would help, is she to young for the timeout method?
Thank you

bundle Thu 28-Apr-05 11:28:08

my dd2 has been doing this (turned 2 last week) but thankfully it's tailing off a bit. i don't think we did time out as young as 17 mths, just a stern No and gave lots of attention to dd1 (the prime target). the timeouts really did work imo and when she does it now i say No Biting and she pretty quickly releases/doesn't bite so hard and puts her head on one side and says Sorry. frustration/anger was her main trigger so it's good to try and anticipate certain situations. hth

DaddyCool Thu 28-Apr-05 16:07:47

my ds bites me but not his mum!

it bloody hurts. I put him straight down, lean on one knee at eye level, quite close to his face and firmly say NO.

He also pinches so damn hard that his little nails break the skin. If i'm trying to haul him up the stairs or out of the park against his will, he'll concentrate very hard on manipulating my lip and lower cheek area knowing full well that it's going to hurt me like hell (HOW DO THEY KNOW HOW TO DO THIS!) LOL.

giggler8 Thu 28-Apr-05 17:04:49

Thank you Daddycool and bundle I'll try your advice,it's nice to hear I'm not alone makes it not seem as bad, and yes Daddycool it does bloody hurt..this may sound bad but IF I can manage to get my hand arm etc out the way she is so driven to bite something that she ends up sometimes biting herself then it's not such a good thing to do...God that makes me sound awful..anyway thanks again, will keep you posted

MrsCurly Fri 29-Apr-05 21:52:03

Your daughter sounds just like mine, and it caused much anguish. But (touch wood) it seems to have passed. Like you, she also bit us when she was frustrated because we wanted to change her, or put her clothes on, or something else she didn't want to do. It started when she was maybe ten months when it happened once a month or so, but it really reached a crescendo at 17 months when it was a couple of times a week. She was at nursery, and bit the other children there, and although the staff were extremely sympathetic and told me not to worry, that it was a stage which would pass and there was nothing I could do apart from reinforce what they were doing - removing her from the situation and telling her it wasn't nice to bite - the manager of the nursery intervened and suspended her. (There's a whole other thread all about this in this section!)

She was off nursery for five weeks and looked after at home. She was biting quite often and it was really upsetting. Her speech is quite good, and she seemed to understand when we talked to her about biting, so we did time out, and asked her to repeat, "No biting". It took maybe ten days or two weeks but she hasn't bitten since. She started a new nursery six weeks ago and there haven't been any incidents there either.

Last weekend her friend of the same age came round to play and bit her and she told her, "No biting".

I know how upset you must be, but it is a phase and it does pass. I think it is linked to their frustrations at trying to communicate too. I don't know if it was the time out which made a difference, or that her speech and confidence improved more, or both, but it is such a relief.

giggler8 Sun 26-Jun-05 13:10:52

MrsCurly Thanks very much for your mssg, it is starting to tail off a bit now, but I will deff try what you did as i think timeout is a good idea. Sounds awful to suspend her like you say these things are a phase as I now realise..dd is not at nursery yet so I havent had that far she only bites us!! Thanks again for all the advice it's great to hear other peoples opinions on things

edam Sun 26-Jun-05 13:15:39

that your dd was suspended. Ds has been bitten at nursery several times - staff have always told me and said they are 'observing the biting child' whatever that means (presuambly keeping a close eye on). Never felt cross about it, as I expected that ds might reach that stage at some point... and suddenly he bit my best friends' ds, on a day when she was very kindly looking after mine all day so I could work (childcare broken down)! Oh the embarrassment... especially when her ds came up to me and showed me the mark. Hasn't done it since though, touch wood. But I think they all do it at some stage so your dd isn't out of the ordinary in this.

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