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Help!! 14 month old having terrible tantrums!

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wozzle1 Thu 28-Apr-05 10:53:34

Hello and calling the help of all Mumsnetters!!

My ds is now 14 months old. In the last three weeks I ve noticed his behaviour is becoming more and more tantrumie....He is playing up-BIG Time when he goes to bed...sometimes screaming for over 20 minutes. He has never done this before and was always very good at going to sleep.
My HV suggested staying with him in his room and not having any interaction with him until he dropped off to sleep, but this just makes him worse...last night he even started to lose his voice.
I am so worried.
This is now so in his buggy as well. Whenever we go out to the shops he just creates havoc. He is not yet walking so its not like he is being restricted.

My husband has just started to stay away during the week for work reasons and only comes home at weekends, im not sure if this has upset his routine as he is a very routine child.

Any advise would be much appreciated....

wozzle x

Newbarnsleygirl Thu 28-Apr-05 11:00:31

It sounds completly normal for his age. My dd (18 months) is going through it.

TBH I ignore her when she's having a tantrum and when she calms down I sit her down and have a little chat with her. How much she understands I don't know but it works for us.
She sometimes has really bad tantrums where she headbutts things, throws herself on the floor, smacks things etc. When she does that I have to pick her up and hold her to calm her down but I never give her, her own way cos I'd just be creating a rod for my back.

CADS Mon 02-May-05 13:02:43

Hi Wozzle1

My ds (also 14 mnths) throws tantrums. I have noticed he is worse when he isn't well, particularly when he has an ear infection. This has definitely been the case with the last 3 ear infections. Tantrums and playing up at bedtime are now my signs that something is wrong with his ears.

kbaby Mon 02-May-05 19:35:43

weve started noticing the same in dd 11 months. She has a bit of a tuntrum if she cant do things she wants to ie in the park she was playing on the swing and i moved her away for someone to go on it and she starts screaming and falls to the floor. I guess its just their way of telling you they arent happy with what your doing

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