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23 month old...still says dada for other men?

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haven Tue 26-Apr-05 00:40:46

my ds is almost 23 months old..and when we go to the store and men pass by..he say da da..he is a smart child..and i am curious as to whether or not other children do this too...

he'll point to almost all body parts(way more than expeced...)but, will hardly ever point to his own..

he still won't say that he is hungy or that he needs to eat...or drink or anything pertaining to his own needs..his vocabulary is increasing. just curious

Chandra Tue 26-Apr-05 02:51:53

DS thinks men are called Daddy, so we have had some embarrasing moments, i.e. an emotive scene worthy of a film when DS toddled towards a friend, hugged his leg and then screamed Daadyyyyyy. He also call that the ebay man on top of this page Daddy, though his daddy is only called "Papa"

I guess most men he sees are the fathers of other children at the nursery and there, every men is a daddy... HAving said that, DS's best friend hugged DH and called him daddy a couple of days ago...

It has to be something with being 23m old... that's the age of DS and his little friend.

Chandra Tue 26-Apr-05 03:00:10

P.S. DS doesn't use words yet to express that he is hungry, though he throws tantrums sometimes pointing the cupboard where the biscuits are stored...

I have seen that there are also grow spurts relating language. One week you start wondering if they are a bit behind and the next one a bunch of new expressions come to live.

zebraX Fri 29-Apr-05 20:00:50

I don't think DS1 said daddy at all until he was 24 months. DD might have got it sooner, still waiting for words from ds2.

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