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imaginative play

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maggiems Mon 25-Apr-05 16:43:19

Maybe this is a bit of a silly question but how much imaginative play do your nearly 4 year olds do. My DS1 (twin) never stops making up stories, long elaborate ones which go on and on . Whilst my DS2 displays imaginative play such as pretending to be a monster, policeman etc and will join in with DS1 imaginative stories and add on bits , its not as detailed and complicated as DS1. DS2 often reenacts scenes from TV such as using playdough, turns pretend timers on etc when doing pretend cooking, but I notice he is not as inventive as DS1 who makes up all his own stories. DS2 is sociable , his speech is good and enjoys playing with his twin . He talks about doing pretend playing and knows the difference between yummy pancakes as opposed to pretend ones. Just wondering if any of you see differences in the way your children play /played? I read somewhere that good imagination is a sign of intelligence and I wonder if any of you have found this to be the case. DS2 seems quite bright in other areas, ie he has known his colours, numbers, letters, shapes etc for a long time and is good at talking . DS1s speech is very advanced for his age and was wondering if the increased usage of imaginative play is linked to this.?

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