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Attachment Anxiety

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tjs1904 Mon 25-Apr-05 16:09:21

Hi new to this site and motherhood, I adopted my little girl in January this year, she was 7 months old, she had been in fostercare since birth and had not had a strong attachment to her foster carer, at 4 months she moved placements and formed a strong bond with her new carer, then when she moved to me she again formed a strong bond, but over the first few weeks of being with me she started to develop more skills, she couldn't sit or babble at 7 months and this was due to lack of stimulation, now 12 weeks on she sits un-aided, babbles, feeds herself and chats but i am worried i have over stimulated, she will not allow me to walk out the room, she just cries and cries with real tears, i can't even go to the toilet, yet when i put her in her cot if she is tired she is fine when i walk away, she is happy around others and goes to a childminder once a week and displays the same behaviour, demanding 100% attention all the time, can anyone give me some guidence or advice on how or what to do to help her gain the understanding that i will be there. Thanks

Aero Mon 25-Apr-05 16:16:07

Think this is fairly normal behaviour for a baby of this age. Certainly true of all three of mine.I'd really not worry - she seems to be doing all the right things and obviously has formed a close bond with you and loves you. Now that you are her forever mummy, there will be no worries of any further moves. It seems like she's well settled with her new family.
Congratulations on your new little girl and welcome to mn too.

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