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DS (3.8) thinks he faster/stronger/can fly

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Azure Mon 25-Apr-05 14:09:42

In the last couple of months, DS (3.8) has started to seriously exaggerate his abilities. He frequently says he is a superhero, can fly, is faster or stronger than everyone else, is a knight. At first it was sweet and we kind of went along with it, but now it's going too far and he's started to tell other children these things - not surprisingly they're telling him no he can't. He also says he been somewhere / done something before he was born (e.g. I was telling him how I rode a camel once, and he said "I've done that"). We've started to emphasise that these things are not really true, but he gets into a real strop if you say so. He started at a new pre-school in February and is quite shy, so I was wondering whether it is a defense mechanism as he hasn't made any special friends yet. Has anyone else experienced anything similar?

colditz Mon 25-Apr-05 14:17:40

I haven't experienced this as mine is only 2, but I think the other children will soon correct him when he boasts! That's what 4 year olds are like, (whispers, especially girls, shhh!)

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