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8 month old doesn't copy anything i do

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ruty Mon 25-Apr-05 13:35:03

some of you might know my ds has had a gut problem for a few months now and i've been a bit hawkish about looking at his development. He is still hopeless at rolling, cries when i put him on his tummy, altho he will roll from front to back, never the other way round. One thing i've read from other threads is that a baby should mimic things you do by now. I've tried sticking out my tongue, he just smiles, i've tried making noises, actions, he doesn't copy any of them. He isn't a great babbler, tho he can if he wants. Should he copy me more? Anyone else's baby like this? Starting to really worry.

ruty Mon 25-Apr-05 14:04:00

sorry to people like jimjams who have been so brilliantly helpful to me in the past, but just hoping to know about this.

dinosaur Mon 25-Apr-05 14:06:00

ruty, I am sorry you haven't got any replies yet.

My DS3 isn't copying me yet (he is nearly nine months old) and I'm not worried about it, but then again I have an older DS1 who is on the spectrum, so my reassurance probably isn't worth very much.

Hope that someone else comes along soon!

coppertop Mon 25-Apr-05 14:40:11

I don't really know much about the copying but I just wanted to reassure you about the one-way rolling. My ds1 used to roll everywhere as a baby. It was his way of getting around before he was able to crawl. When ds2 only ever rolled one way I started to get a little concerned. He is now 2.2yrs and I don't think he's ever really bothered with rolling. On the other hand he is very agile and has great physical skills. He walked/ran/jumped etc earlier than ds1 did. Ds2 is on the autistic spectrum but the Physio who assessed him has said that there are no physical problems at all and that he is doing everything he should be.

Do you have a development check with the HV soon?

hunkermunker Mon 25-Apr-05 14:42:21

DS only began copying me (he does a mylah-mylah sound while poking his tongue out and goes bibble-bibble... ) a few weeks ago and he's 12 months. Please don't worry - but I know it can be hard not to.

mizmiz Mon 25-Apr-05 14:45:55

Ruty,please don't worry. I am a speech therapist and certainly wouldn't expect an 8 month old to be copying me. My nearly 10 month old isn't and I am not remotely concerned!!
What you should be looking for is a sociable response, so if for example you make a funny face, he smiles or llaughs,or even just looks intersted.
Similarly, some sort of response to peek a boo or silly noises.
At this stage, him watching you with interest and enjoyment is enough.
Hope this allays your fears somewhat.

baka Mon 25-Apr-05 14:49:48

I don't think you need to apologise to anyone- especially as your son has ongoing problems.

8 months is quite young for obvious copying. How does he learn things? Does he drink out of a beaker for example? If he does -and he knew how to do that without having to be physically moved through the motions then he's copying. If when you're plaaying and you show him how to say press a button- if he then does that (without you lifting his hand and putting it on the button) then he's copying.

ruty Mon 25-Apr-05 15:16:43

oh wow everyone thankyou so much for all the replies. My gp has already referred ds to a development paed because she thinks he is rather quiet [ i probably brought it up but she agreed] but what you say makes me feel reassured. He does laugh at things we do - he has a tremendous sense of humour, and has good eye contact. Wish we didn't have to go to development guy at all, but guess we might go along and try not to get worried.

ruty Mon 25-Apr-05 15:17:49

reason for delay in response was that ds just got himself stuck in high chair and was screaming his lungs out! I thought i had fastened buckles but hadn't. Bad mummy, bad mummy.

ruty Mon 25-Apr-05 15:23:19

thing is about learning baka is its hard to know how he learns. He took weeks to get the hang of a cup with a spout, and i still have to put it in his mouth for him.
i guess he does reach for toys more recently which i'm pleased about.but gp expected him to copy me if i poked out my tongue, and i wondered if this was a real development milestone.

baka Mon 25-Apr-05 15:28:06

Bit early for tongue poking imo. When's your appointment with the paed?

Would you feel happier if you were doing something? I think its still very early days and hard to tell, but something like RDI (currently being discussed in SN) may work well in this sort of situation. RDI aims to teach normal interaction

Fennel Mon 25-Apr-05 15:32:04

dd3, 12 months, wasn't babbling or talking at 8 months, but she has about 20 words now. I think she's only started to mimic since about 10 months too. Some babies are just quieter than others.

None of my 3 rolled more than once or twice EVER, some babies just are not rollers.

laughing at things you do sounds good, as the others have said.

ruty Mon 25-Apr-05 15:34:19

don't know about RDI. May look in SN. Don't want to bother people there who already have their hands full, but will have a read. His general interaction with us is very good, he is so happy and giggly. But he goes to bed very late and had a spate of not sleeping at night at ALL. don't know if these are signs or not, guess time will tell. He is fascinated by light bulbs, but again, may be normal, don't know.

coppertop Mon 25-Apr-05 15:45:50

ruty - You'd be more than welcome on the SN board. Feel free to ask any questions. Mumsnet and the SN board were a lifeline for me when I first suspected that my ds1 had problems. I'd love the chance to be able to help someone else in the same way.

hunkermunker Mon 25-Apr-05 15:48:16

DS did the tongue-poking-out thing when he was tiny, a week old or so - then lost the ability. I think it's a reflex, like the stepping one? But now I say that I'm not sure!

hoxtonchick Mon 25-Apr-05 15:51:20

i think it's a reflex too hm, i remember ds copying me when he was hours old!

dinosaur Mon 25-Apr-05 15:52:44

ruty I know it's easier said than done, and I'm not going to say "don't worry" - but try not to worry TOO much and don't let it spoil your enjoyment of your happy smiley baby

ruty Mon 25-Apr-05 15:53:16

thanks coppertop. its cos i did read a thread there where some people [understandably] where fed up that some were using SN as an advice board for their usually 'normal' children. And is guess i'm worried that i might find out his development is a bit strange after all.

ruty Mon 25-Apr-05 15:55:05

and dinosaur, i know, i do enjoy his laughs and smiles a great deal, when he looks at me i feel he is alright, i just look forward [hopefully] to the day when he wants to move about on his own and he babbles to me more.

baka Mon 25-Apr-05 16:03:51

early tongue poking out is a reflex. I don't think the thread in SN was aimed at this sort of thing ruty- not much about mimicking in archives.

BTW what RDI dooes is teach normally developing skills (like using parents as a reference for behaviour) using play. So assuming all is well, it would just be something that would backup emerging skills anyway- if there was a problem then your ds would be getting very early intervention. There are books and stuff that give the games (I think).

or one of those "games for babies" type books woud give the same sort of stuff probably.

Enjoy him though - from about you'll have a clearer idea of whether there is anything to worry about from 12-18 months, but don't spoil your time now by looking for stuff that isn't there iyswim.

ruty Mon 25-Apr-05 17:04:08

would like to find out more about RDI - seems it would be helpful - thanks Baka

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