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phobic about mud and things with bits in

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pixie54 Mon 25-Apr-05 13:31:45

can anyone offer any advice - my DD (25mths) has suddenly got some sort of irrational fear about walking on mud (both wet and dry) and will scream and scream if she has to.
Also, she has stopped eating food with bits in, even if it was something that she liked until recently E.g. seedless grapes, anything with visible herbs or peppers, seeds in banana, raisins in cereal, poppy seeds in bread and she won't get in the bath if there is anything bitty in the water ( like a bit of fluff).
I don't know whether to carry on regardless, ignore it and give her 'bit free' food or just have a break for a while.
It is driving us mad!

motherofboys Mon 25-Apr-05 14:29:59

I would try to ignore it as much as possible - she will eat if she is hungry. I have three kids and when one of them wakes up one morning and decides to change his habits (as it feels like they do) I can't change the whold family to suit this fad.
Don't make an issue out of it, just offer the food, explain it is fine and the same as yours and leave her to it. The occasional bit free meal will make you less stressed, but again don't draw attention to it at all - this my advice anyway

calpopscalum Wed 27-Apr-05 20:28:04

oh we're going through this too with 'brown bits' - the name for anything bitty!!! At first they would both (ds is just 3 and dd is nearly 2) insist on getting outthe bath if they saw a bit of fluff and then ds started screeching 'brown bit' over and over till we got him out. My dh turned it into a game (which at first I worried about) by tickling them looking for brown bits before and after their bath -they find this hilarious and run about shrieking as he chases them trying to get any 'brown bits'. We also gave them both a Tesco value plastic jug to catch 'brown bits' in and it has definately helped. It has also helped with the bits in food as we just say 'oh silly brown bits' or 'oh no! brown bits!!' in a mock horror kinda way which make them laugh, then tickle them and then it's all fun and they eat it!

About the mud, we don't ahve that problem - it's more a case of too much mud!
Take care
hope my daft advice has helped - probably not, you'll just think I'm mad with a dirty bath!! LOL!!!


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