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Can anyone recommend a cranial osteopath in South Cornwall?

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Dawnus Mon 30-Mar-09 20:51:11

Very exhausted mum with 4 wk DD suffering from colic
HV suggested cranial osteopathy 2 weeks ago and having just read lots of positive reviews on here I am seriously considering it.
Do you have a recommendation of one in Cornwall that you have personal experience of?

Littlefish Mon 30-Mar-09 20:55:52

I don't know any cranial osteopaths, but there is an amazing chiropractor called Alex Grant who practices in Falmouth. He does some cranial work. It might be worth giving him a ring to see if he treats babies. If not, he would know all the cranial osteopaths in the area.

Wigglesworth Mon 30-Mar-09 21:02:42

Wow your HV actually suggested it, when we told our HV we were using a cranial osteopath for our DS to help his silent reflux she virtually pissed herself laughing and scoffed "oh well if it makes YOU feel better" hmm. Actually it helped him loads, he was a different baby after a few sessions. Don't live in Cornwall but can thoroughly reccomend cranial osteopathy.

feralgirl Tue 31-Mar-09 10:33:04

Ooh, Dawnus, I am looking for the same. Have you had any joy yet? I'm just about to try Alex Grant. There's also The Lister Natural Health Practice in Falmouth that comes up on a search and says thay specialise in babies.

feralgirl Tue 31-Mar-09 10:44:52

I have just booked DS into the Falmouth Chiropractic clinic. It's not exactly cranial osteopathy but v similar apparently. Alex Grant is booked solid for months sad so he's got an appt with the other guy, Simon Coad, for next week smile

Will let you know how it goes!

Dawnus Tue 31-Mar-09 10:52:26

Hi Feralgirl, got an appointment at The Park Clinic in Falmouth ( She does cranial osteopathy and caters for babies/children.
Our app is tomorrow am (she had a cancellation) so will let you know how it goes.

Littlefish Tue 31-Mar-09 12:20:45

Alex Grant is outstanding. He's treated me on an off for the last 18 years! He's also treated my daughter. It's a shame you couldn't get an appointment with him, but I'm sure his colleague is excellent too - Alex wouldn't work with anyone who doesn't share similar ideas and practices.

feralgirl Wed 01-Apr-09 09:04:05

Yes please Dawnus, we should definitley keep in touch as it'll be good to compare results. I'm taking DS for his reflux and his crap sleeping.

Littlefish, that's really good to know as I was a bit disappointed not to get an appt with Alex Grant.

Dawnus Wed 01-Apr-09 13:53:59

First appmt now under our belt...different issue causing the colicy symptoms but should hopefully be better in 3 sessions...phew, sleep might'nt be as far off as i thought!!
Really lovely lady with seemingly 'magic hands'!!
I wonder if it works for 4 year olds with selective hearing...LOL :0

feralgirl Wed 01-Apr-09 22:11:42

Aw, I hope you get some lovely kip tonight.

Dawnus Thu 02-Apr-09 11:06:41

OMG...someone stole my daughter and replaced her with a baby thay doesn't scream all night and sleeps in her crib grin woo hoo!!!!
Definitely recommend this treatment to anyone considering it wink

Littlefish Thu 02-Apr-09 19:15:50

That's great news Dawnus. Enjoy it!

feralgirl Sat 04-Apr-09 19:36:35

Yay, I am even more excited now. Roll on Tuesday!
Well done baby Dawnus and the magic lady. I'm v envy

Dawnus Mon 13-Apr-09 22:13:02

How did it go Feralgirl....success????

feralgirl Tue 14-Apr-09 21:23:54

ish. We went for the second session today. I think that the reflux is a bit better and we had a couple of nights of good kip last week - just one or two wakings - before a monster growth spurt kicked in. Nothing massively dramatic though, how about you and your DD?

DS obviously loves it; it leaves him v chilled and he laughs all the way through the treatment!

Dawnus Wed 15-Apr-09 16:20:32

Aw bless LOL grin

Had 2 sessions so far, and she is generally better. Screaming thru the night is now limited to 2-3 times a week, and following some advice on here i'm just gonna co-sleep on those occasions so that i still get some sleep hmm

Likewise tho, she's having a growth spurt too.

Rubbish weather we've got again....nowhere to go that isn't infested with holiday makers either!!

I hope things get easier for you soon smile

feralgirl Thu 30-Apr-09 13:59:05

We've had four sessions and I'm down to SMP now so we can't afford any more for a while. It's definitely made a difference to the reflux but I don't think we can claim the same for the sleep.

I too have started co-sleeping which is lovely and has certainly helped though. I'm enjoying my maternity leave a bit more now that I'm not so goddamn tired!

CarolynMcGregor Tue 09-Apr-13 06:10:47

To find a cranial Osteopath in your area: for The Sutherland Society and for Registration with the General Osteopathic Council.
In Cornwall: Kate Hands (Lostewithiel), Clare Conboye (Penzance), Jodie Capelton (Penzance, Truro), Lizzie Bird (Falmouth), and my self Carolyn McGregor (Penzance).
Hope this info is helpful.
Kind regards, Carolyn McGregor Registered Osteopath Registered Homoeopath

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