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DD has door phobia !!

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emmielou Thu 21-Apr-05 20:10:55

DD is nearly 3 and over the last couple of days has developed a door phobia !!??

When she is out, she gets hysterical because she wants the door off/open etc... Its kind of a tantrum, but it seems like a fear ..

She is fine at home..

The only connection I can make is when I do time out I shut her in the hall way with the door shut

colditz Thu 21-Apr-05 20:16:41

It could be, you could try putting her for time out with the door open, you will have to stand there though.

trix Thu 21-Apr-05 20:55:04

How about a time out bench (that can be moved)?

trix Thu 21-Apr-05 21:01:40

Just realised that didnt help!

What I meant was that you can still carry on your time out sessions but maybe somewhere else if you think closing the door on her is making her a bit anxious.

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