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How to stop 18mo obsessed with plug sockets...

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maximama Mon 30-Mar-09 11:45:44

DS 18mo is OBSESSED with turning switches on and off. We have loads of plug sockets in plain view and covers in all that don't have plugs. As he doesn't try to take plugs out, just likes to turn things on and off I think he's not doing any harm so leave him to it - it seems like more hassle to try to stop him. He is very used to being allowed to touch them now.
he goes to nursery and today when I dropped him off they said he goes to all the sockets there and moves away furniture in front of them to get to them and it's a problem for them because of H&S issues and the other kids copying him. So they've asked me to stop him doing it at home.
I have no idea how to go about this - whenever I want to stop him doing things normally I remove the temptation (ie lock the fridge, move things out of view etc) but this is obviously not an option. Saying 'no' elicits screams of laughter and doing whatever you say no to even more.
Feel like I've been told off and am a totally slack crap mum - which is a side issue - main issue is how to persuade him that he can no longer do switches???

ilikeshoes Mon 30-Mar-09 11:55:20

Hello i had similar problem when my ds was that age especially with the t.v, i think probably ignoring it, or distraction, but to be honest he will just grow out of it i would of thought, hes just learning.
P.S your not a crap mum, the nursery could help too.

duchesse Mon 30-Mar-09 12:09:38

They are fascinating to children of that age! No particular advice, just that it will pass as do most toddler obsessions. In the crap mum, I think that losing one's 22 month old son in the house, and discovering him just in the nick of time as he approached two screwdrivers to the separate holes of a live socket right up in the attic has to rank a little higher. Erm, not that I know anyone who might have done that, you understand... blush

Supercherry Mon 30-Mar-09 12:10:36

You could fit those weatherproof socket covers that cover the whole socket. He wouldn't be able to reach the switches at all then. Maybe he will get bored of trying. You could suggest this to the nursery too. There was a thread on here recently suggesting that the little plug-in type covers are actually more dangerous, here it is

I would be inclined to take the same approach as you, if he's not doing any harm, and you don't mind then yes, leave him be. Not sure how you can persuade him not to mess- it's all part and parcel of learning isn't it? So maybe the socket covers?

Zil131 Mon 30-Mar-09 12:20:12

Agreement here too. My DS is 17 months, and I have found that the more I say no, the more enticing things become. I just ignore the plug sockets and try to offer something more fun to entice him away; or walk away and he will follow me.

And ditto the feelings of crap mum - I get told by nursery that DS is hitting and hair pulling, but I get laughed at by DS when he does it to me! Think I'm going to try "no" + time out to enforce my message now!

maximama Mon 30-Mar-09 14:02:24

Hmm, yes hitting and hair pulling with me and dp is great fun for him. Annoyingly he will stop and stroke instead when dp says 'gentle' but if i try he hits me harder... I'm making him sound like a monster but of course he is a little angel...
Isn't it horrible how when they tell you off at nursery it makes you feel like a child yourself hmm
OK, so I'm glad people agree with my approach because I could just see it becoming a major battle trying to actually stop him. I will suggest the socket covers to the nursery - that would be much better for their H&S/liability than just relying on persuading questing babies not to be interested. Thanks all!

maximama Mon 30-Mar-09 14:03:35

Zil - how will you go about time out? I have just started to try the 'naughty step' but i'm not sure exactly how to go about it with one so young. I don't want to become an ogre angry (!)

maximama Mon 30-Mar-09 14:22:23

Supercherry - thanks for that link. I have just chucked out all my socket covers - I had the ikea ones. can't believe they are allowed to make them with a hole that a pin could be poked through. I do lots of sewing and make super sure that there are no pins left about but you never know.
I am gonna give the nursery the link and suggest that they get the all over weather proof ones fitted everywhere. Seems like a no brainer to me.

Zil131 Mon 30-Mar-09 14:49:58

Time out is still new to me; but a put on the floor for DS and a walk away into another room for me is causing him to stop and think. It has created a few bigger strops, but in the end he then comes to find me and we have a cuddle.

Waswondering Mon 30-Mar-09 14:58:30

Sorry op - I hate to tell you that ds is 6 this year and this is an ongoing battle for us!! He cannot enter or leave a room without investigating the light switches.

Yesterday I didn't realise his motive for sitting in the middle of the church until we sat in the pew and he promptly turned round, allowing an uninterrupted view of the sound desk behind with 200 knobs to turn!!! Sorry!!!

At a recent friend's baby's baptism, I had to have a quiet word with the minister to find out exactly how that church's projection system worked as no sooner were we seated than he wanted to know where the projector was and where the sound desk was.

So good luck but it may be something you are still wrestling with in 3 years time! grin

Triggles Tue 31-Mar-09 08:53:14

We put these socket covers on any unused sockets in reach of DS, when he first started showing an interest in sockets. tml

We bought ours from kiddicare, but they don't sell them anymore. You might try doing a search and see if other places have them as well. They lock closed with a key, so the kids can't pry them open. We have the sockets that stick out from the wall a bit, so they don't close on sockets that have plugs in them, but if you have the sockets that are flush against the wall, it will fit over those that are being used as well!

Anyway, DS tried to open them for a couple days, here and there, and then gave up. He doesn't even notice sockets anymore.

FatallyFlawed Tue 05-Jul-16 15:05:10

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