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Any Success with Bed alarms?? Advice please!

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Tessiebear Thu 21-Apr-05 09:37:55

My DS1 (aged 7) has never been dry at night, depite repeated attempts by us to restrict drinks, lift him, reward him etc etc.
Anyway basically we are going to give the bed alarm a try - am really worried that it wont work (this is a last resort imo)
Wondering - how long it will take???
Will it wake the rest of the house???
Disturb DS1's sleep pattern???
Advice please!!!!!

ellajellybelly Thu 21-Apr-05 10:17:09

I've been wondering the same. Have just made first phone call to Enuretic (sp?) clinic who supply alarms and support. My 7 year old daughter was dry when she was four, and then went to school and was wet every night - so back to pull-ups. We've just taken her out of pull-ups as she wants to do it and so far we're having moderate success - wet sheets about every four days. However, when she wets she doesn't wake - so am thinking of an alarm as back up. I was wondering whether the noise of it would wake younger sister in bunk bed below.

Tessiebear Thu 21-Apr-05 11:35:12

We are just about to put our DS's in bunk beds - and have decided to sort the problem out before we do it (As i hear that these alarms are very noisy!!)

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