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15 month old cant walk, wont even bear weight on legs

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Phish Thu 26-Mar-09 15:30:47

Hi, any advice from anyone greatly received. 15 month old daughter is a bum shuffler. She has never crawled, cant get herself from lying to sitting, doesnt pull up and refuses to bear weight on her legs if put in a standing position.

She's been assessed by local paed and referred for physio. Other than gross motor skills, her development is bang on track.

I just feel like she's never going to get going. Anyone else experience this and offer any tips or advice?


merryberry Thu 26-Mar-09 15:52:09

ds1 punted himself along, resting on one buttock, until 19 months when he got up and walked in a week. he was clearly too absorbed in watching the world and trying to figure things out, and his speech has been early instead. he also never crawled. i think its just a normal thing for a minority of them! drove me nuts trying not to compare to others. hope all goes well for you as well.

merryberry Thu 26-Mar-09 15:52:32

also, he never rolled!

ilove Thu 26-Mar-09 15:54:19

My eldeat and my DD (child 3) both bumshuffled. Eldeat walked at 22 months, and didn't weight bear till 18 months, and DD walked at 23 months and didn't weight bear till 21 months. Tis very normal with bum shufflers, don't worry.

becka1 Thu 26-Mar-09 20:16:37

Phish, your DD sounds exactly like mine excedpt she is 20 months! No problem with fine motor skills, is a bum shuffler (late at that!), never crawled, will not let go of my hands to walk...or anyone elses. I wouldn't worry at 15 months. I'm waiting until my DD is 2 years before referring as I just feel she will do it soon!

MadMazza Thu 26-Mar-09 20:19:29

My DS2 bottom shuffled and didn't walk unaided until age 22 months so I wouldn't worry at all. they all do it it their own time.

LilRedWG Thu 26-Mar-09 20:23:30

At 15 months my DD wasn't weight bearing, crawling or bum shuffling. She wouldn't even roll over. She is now 2.10 and running around like all the others.

You are doing the best thing in getting physio advice, but do try not to worry too much.

DD finally walked at 22 months and really hasn't stopped since. I'll hunt out my thread from when she finally did it in a sec.

My main advice is to ignore people constantly asking why she's not on the move yet. Tell them that you are waiting assessment and change the subject. I found it so hard when people (mainly family) concentrated on her failings rather than her wonderfulness.

LilRedWG Thu 26-Mar-09 20:24:34

Here you go.

sallyh2000 Thu 26-Mar-09 20:38:30

My daughter has had lots of help from physio, and other input. don't give up! It has been lots of hard work on both our parts, but she has finally started to walk this week aged 23 months!!

earlynite Thu 26-Mar-09 20:50:52

My DS was like merryberry's a bum shuffler, never rolled, hated being on his stomach and never crawled. One day he just got up and walked, just like that. He was 16 months. He is 6yo now, running, jumping and climbing trees.

Phish Fri 27-Mar-09 12:19:05

Thanks all. I does make me feel better to hear that she will eventually get there.

As LilRedWG says, the challenge is to ignore the constant stream of people asking if she's walking yet and also the comparisons with her peer group who are all up and walking.

I'll just have to be patient!

MalikaAndMungo Fri 27-Mar-09 20:14:35

Don;t worry about it if the doctor isn't worried and other behaviour is normal. And ENJOY the peace before you have to run after her around every corner! It's a full workout!

Nabster Fri 27-Mar-09 20:21:03

If you think there is something wrong, see another doctor. My DD had problems and my then doctor said all was fine. It wasn't.

leamaz12 Sun 05-Jul-15 05:10:04

I'm just wondering how all your kids made out? It's been awhile but I thought maybe some of you would get a notification email or something. My daughter sounds just like the original post. She's almost 15 months old, can't weight bear or crawl or get up to sitting by herself. She does bum shufflexible around. We are waiting for some tests and very worried!

TonarinoNeko1 Sun 05-Jul-15 11:50:14

Hi. I had the same concerns with DD2 when she was 15/16 months old..she didn't crawl until 11 months and wouldn't bear weight very well. A complete stranger (and former doctor, or so he said!) in a dentist's waiting room remarked that he noticed one of her legs turning inwards when she did try to support herself to stand and it was then that alarm bells rang and I got her referred to a physio at 17 months. The physio could not find anything physically wrong but advised me to get shoes with good ankle support, as the ones she was wearing were Clarks pre-walkers (some Clarks stores have a policy of only supplying walking shoes if the child is actually walking). To test the sturdiness of shoes, grip them with thumb and index finger to push the ends together - if the sole bends they are not strong enough for walking, you need 'unbendy' ones. So I went to an independent children's shoe specialist for some shoes with open top but enclosed toe/strap and firm ankle support on the sellers advice and, lo, she started toddling the next day in her new shoes! I know it is not always this simple but worth a try.

Meepandyoup Sun 05-Jul-15 12:12:58

DD rolled at 11 months, crawled at 13 months and walked at 18 months. She saw a paed (because she'd had hip problems at birth) and he said it was absolutely fine and not to worry, but if we wanted to do something we could buy her shoes. As soon as we got her shoes, she started walking, and she was running, jumping and basically unstoppable shortly afterwards.

DS bum shuffled and eventually walked at 15 months. He was seeing a physio all that time (due to hypotonia at birth) and while she didn't like the fact that he bum shuffled rather than crawling, she wasn't concerned about the timing of walking. He hasn't stopped moving since!

IWillOnlyEatBeans Sun 05-Jul-15 20:10:43

DS2 was a bum shuffler. He started shuffling at 14 months. He didn't pull to standing or cruise until 19 months, and finally walked at 22 months!

He is hypermobile - needed Piedro boots with special orthotic insoles. There's no stopping him now at 30 months.

I got SO fed up of all the 'lazy boy' comments - surely shuffling is the most inefficient means of getting lazy person would choose it!

DS1 didn't move at all until he started walking at 18 months...but he couldn't crawl or pull to standing until closer to 2.

springsprang Sun 05-Jul-15 20:21:16

DS1 was slow to walk - started at 16 months then broke his leg - full plaster cast - eventually walked at 19 months. He is hypermobile though, although at the time we didn't know, and still has movement issues and horribly flat feet (ortho boots & insoles).

No tips or advice, other than to say both of mine started walking while on holiday. I think they get used to going around familiar places by shuffling/crawling or whatever, and after a day or two somewhere new just have faster ways of getting there!

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