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Please can you reccomend a baby walker for hardflooring

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valleysprincess Wed 25-Mar-09 15:43:45

Hi I need a baby walker for my 9month old who is wanting to walk. I don't mean the saucer ones but more the ones you lean on and push along. My only concern is that we have laminate flooring and I am worried about these slipping along to quickly to start off with.

Please help

lisad123 Wed 25-Mar-09 15:45:05

get one with 4 wheels, not a trolly one iyswim. They get used to wooden flooring quick enough tbh

valleysprincess Wed 25-Mar-09 15:49:13

thanks Lisa, can anyone recco their fave brand for hardfloors?

lisad123 Wed 25-Mar-09 17:11:13

both me and my mum have a Vtech one, seems sturdy enough.

Rhoda22 Wed 09-Sep-09 12:11:37

We have wooden floors too and I put felt pads on the bottom of my son's small chair and he pushed that instead. The ones with wheels went really fast - great now when he runs around pushing them.

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