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13 month old and 'tantrums'?

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dingledangle Mon 23-Mar-09 15:59:54

I have a 13 month old DS who is so happy and smiley 99% of the time. However, on occasions, when I have to take an item away from him he changes in to a different child !!!

He did it for the first time today and cried and cried and growled (almost making himself vomit). Tears were streaming down his cheeks and it went on for about 5 mins. It was like he saw red and kept going.....

Also have DD she had 'tamtrums' quite different but at the age of 2.

I am sure this is all 'normal' it?

If your child has done this was this an indication of how they were when they got older? (hoping he is just starting early) but worried things might get worse as he gets older (and bigger!)

I am going to try different tactics to see what works for him as appreciate it may be different from his sister!

ohdearwhatamess Mon 23-Mar-09 16:06:22

Ds2 (13mo) is having awful tantrums now, as did ds1 at this age (according to dh - I've blocked it from my memory). I think it gets better when they can give you some indication of what they want (or don't want) by pointing to things and, later on, talking.

dingledangle Mon 23-Mar-09 16:12:20

DS is able to point to things so I am not sure it is this. I wonder whether I had just forgotten this 'phase' too. Although their first big tantrum is hard to forget. I still remember when my DD did her first one like it was yesterday!!!!

Just worried it is an indicator of his behaviour to come......

mabel1973 Mon 23-Mar-09 16:23:07

Ds1 and DS2 both started behaving like this shortly after their 1st birthdays. i think it is just frustration more than anything.

I don't think it is an indicator of how they will be later on. DS1 is 4 now and DS2 is 2.5 and they are very different.
DS1 being very emotional and Ds2 not giving a hoot about anything.

MsSpentYouth Mon 23-Mar-09 16:27:47

DS is nearly 15 months and has just started doing this, he was always such a good baby but has started throwing himself to the floor when he things don't go the way he obviously wanted them to.

I am dreading it tbh, as a loe parent i have no 'back up' and don't want to be either too easy or too hard, but it is hard when you have nobody to 'bounce' your ideas off.

JFly Mon 23-Mar-09 21:47:55

Developmental leap at 13 months, so could be down to that. DS is just 12 months and I swear the switch has flipped in the last few days since his birthday. I figure it's probably a bit of boundary testing combined with frustration of not being able to communicate. Throw in a developmental spurt and that's quite a lot for their little brains to handle.

BEAUTlFUL Mon 23-Mar-09 23:10:05

DS2 is doing this too. Totally chilled baby (13 months old), really sweet and easy-going, but as soon as I move the remote-control away from him, or grab the phone back, or stop him eating some dried hunk of toast he discovers behind the washing machine, he gets hysterical.

kitkatqueen Mon 23-Mar-09 23:43:32

unfortunatley I think I win the cookie for tantruming boy!! My ds is 16 months he has always been the happiest little chap - so chilled. About 4 mnths ago we had to call an ambulance because he outward breathheld because of a tantrum. He literally arched his back breathed all the way out held it went blue and started to shake.

Its happened quite a few times since and we have (thankfully) spotted a pattern. He only does it when 3 things occur at the same time. He has to be hungry, getting tired and thwarted. Unfortunatly this means that if I have to take the remote off of him at 11.30am / 5pm he is at v high risk of going blue and the last time he did it I had trouble getting him to breath again ( normally blowing hard in his face once will cause an instinctive inbreath)... cue image of floppy blue unconcious boy in your arms who isn't taking an inward breath. Very frightening. At least we know what it is and he will grow out of it. dd1 and dd2 had tantrums that were v explosive, but are begining to pale in comparison. I'm not letting him get away with anything iykwim but if he starts to go for it in the "danger zone" he gets told off whilst eating a breadsticksmile As someone who has always been in the "go ahead if you want to have a tantrum thats up to you" brigade I am finding this difficult to say the least!

Any advice very gratefully received!!smile

kitkatqueen Tue 24-Mar-09 00:04:14

Ahh another thread killed dead.... sorry smile

Paranoid1stTimer Wed 10-Jun-09 08:26:01

This is a really late reply to the thread but bloody hell kitkatqueen that is just awful! You must be very strong to be able to deal with that one.

Just found this thread as LO is getting to same stage and has been "tantruming" for last month or 2. He is 14 months old now. He just does the regular sounding stuff like screaming til red in the face whilst running on the spot or running up to me and trying to nip me in the face/bite my on the back as he has worked out if he runs behind me and bites me, it is harder for me to catch him. He also bit me in the face as I had to pick him up to stop him from biting through the flex on the tv...

It is a bit sad in a way as he isn't the sweet little boy he used to be and is defo turning into a little boy now. It is also a good thing as it shows he is growing up I suppose but it is hard to let go of the little baby phase...

MaMattoo Tue 12-Jul-11 22:12:54

I read this stuff and then I dont know if I should be relieved or pleased or just become a bit jaded. He is going to grow. he will go through these phases. I am NOT alone is comforting...but oh i think being pregnant was a breeze!!! And i am almost certain LO no 2 wont happen!

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