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14 months and not crawling, babbling, sitting etc

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charellie Tue 19-Apr-05 13:12:55

I'm asking for some advice about my friends ds who was born 5 weeks early and is now 14 months. He has always been slightly behind on things but the gap seems to be widening. She just wants to know if he is likely to catch up given some help or if things are will deteriorate further.

At the moment he can sit with support and can roll to one side. He can't crawl and really complains if you put him on his front. He can hold a bottle to feed but won't hold a spoon or feed himself toast. He doesn't seem to be holding toys with any purpose. He isn't babbling, he squeals and giggles. He does have very good eye contact but just seems very content to lie on his back or being cuddled. He is also a very big baby so could this be delaying him.

They are seeing someone this Thursday but no-one will tell my friend what they will be looking for.

Hope someone can help.

butty Tue 19-Apr-05 13:23:17

advise your friend to see her HV or GP.
It sounds like her child could have delay which can be helped, i know as my son has global development delay but it's not to say that he wont come on eventually just slower than normal.
Tell your friend not to worry and not to look too much into things as this can make things worse for them as they are trying to run before they can walk. Hopefully she will get all the advise and help she needs from those involved and they will make every effort to keep them informed of things.

charellie Tue 19-Apr-05 13:29:23

She's seeing a therapist on Thursday

So, if it is global development delay things could improve and do you think he could just be a lazy baby because he does love his cuddles

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