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3 year old blinking tic

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LovingMJ Wed 18-Mar-09 13:41:47

Please shed some light on this! I am so upset and so worried for my happy healthy baby boy!!

It has been going on for 2 weeks...some days are better than others but he is still blinking.

The ped said do not worry about it, it is common with boys, IGNORE it and it will disappear.

It is so bad when he watches TV! He was actually telling his eyes to STOP BLINKING yesterday while watching his favorite movie. I am heart broken!

Moms...if your child had/has a blinking tic please tell me your story and tell me it went away. I am just so sad.

irises Wed 18-Mar-09 14:00:58

Bumping for you. No experience of blinking tic, but I know when I get mega stressed my eyelid twitches like mad.

Is he going through a particularly stressful time, eg starting a new nursery?

LovingMJ Wed 18-Mar-09 14:08:41

Thank you irises. He has been seeing a lot of doctors and having a some different tests done for his chronic sinus infections. I think this is putting a toll on his nerves. He had an allergy test done and he didn't like that one and cried. He still talks about that test more than a month later.

LovingMJ Wed 18-Mar-09 17:07:45

Bump! Really need some help. Thank you.

Barmymummy Wed 18-Mar-09 19:37:10


There is another thread on here with the same question, lots of us replied saying our lo's had had this blinking tic & all of them went away in time.

Have a read, HTH, Debs x

elsiepiddock Wed 18-Mar-09 19:40:40

I feel your pain! Been there with my ds.

Ignore, ignore, ignore. It will go away.

I was beside myself with worry about it, but honestly, it lasted just a few weeks and is now forgotten.

EdwardBear Wed 18-Mar-09 19:44:25

ds had the blinking tic, went after a couple of months

then we got the throat clearing tic

mummymimi Wed 18-Mar-09 20:28:21

My son kept blinking just one eye, but as soon as we stopped trying attention to it, it stopped.

westy78 Sat 05-Sep-09 13:13:26

my son is 3 and started constantly blinkig could it be somethg medical or boys being boys this is worrying please give me some help thanks

mimsum Sat 05-Sep-09 14:13:29

westy78 it's a tic - it's fine - loads of kids have them, some just one tic, like blinking or throat clearing, others have lots. For the vast majority it lasts a few weeks, maybe months, then goes away.

The worst thing you can do is draw attention to it as that will make him do it more. The only time to get worried is if it's affecting him in some way, i.e. causing him physical pain, or stopping him joining in things

all 3 of my dc have tics and honestly, it's not a big deal

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