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10 week old DS, poorly, over tired, Cranial Osteopathy worth a try ?

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mppaw Sun 15-Mar-09 19:41:40

A quick run down of his little life so far :

Gammy eye
VERY sore bum as poo'd all the time
2 boils right by his bottom hole, had to have anti-biotics at 3 weeks old
Rotten cold and cough, which was actually broncilitis (sorry about the spelling)
Still really chesty with a hacking cough.
As you can see he really has had a shit start to his little life, and to be honest he does not seem much better.

Anyway, I am now contemplating Cranial Osteopathy for babies. From what I have read he would qualify for it, very fretful, hard to get to sleep, colicy, windy, v fast birth
What are your experiences of this ?

firststeps Sun 15-Mar-09 20:03:52

Hi mppaw, congratulations on your lo, sounds like he has been through the mill. I have no experience of cranial osteopathy - but took DS2 to a chiropractor at 3 weeks old with constipation and colic, turns out he had a jammed neck due to a very fast traumatic birth and was overfeeding as the sucking was easing the pain in his neck - best money I ever spent, 3 treatments in and he was like a different baby. The chiropractor we see recommends taking babies after illness as well. If you do take this route try to find an osteopath or chiropractor who specialises in babies and children. HTH

FairMidden Sun 15-Mar-09 20:07:37

I took mine to a CO around this age for a few sessions after recommendations on here. To be honest it didn't make much difference BUT it was nice too have a sympathetic ear for half an hour - the osteopaths must see loads of mums of stressed out babies and she was a good listener

Hope your DS feels better soon - it's rotten when they're miserable.

mppaw Sun 15-Mar-09 20:08:33

Thanks firststeps, your DS2 sounds very similar to my DS. I think I am going to give it a go as I have nothing to loose.
I am at my wits end as DS is so unhappy and cries 90% off the day. Thanks.

mummymash Sun 15-Mar-09 20:09:02

I don't have first hand experience with Cranial Osteopath but I have several friends who have had their babies seen by one for different reasons, c-sect, breech, intervention to speed up natural birth, etc.

I have not heard anything negative about any of their experiences and most of the babies have benifited from it.

My DS is now 23wks but up to 4 wks was very unsettled, cried for hours through the night unless he was propped up or lying on my chest. I thought he suffered from wind as very grummbly during and after feeds, unlatching through feeds. He also had sore bottom and sour smelling poo.

He was diagnosed with Silent Refux and is now on ranitidine to reduce his stomach acid as this was giving him heartburn and also causing the sore bottoms.

Maybe worth checking with H.V/G.P?

downstairslooenvy Sun 15-Mar-09 20:09:43

I'd definitely give it a go, but would actually try and find a cranial chiropractor rather than a cranial osteo. They are both good but have heard more good things about the cranial chiro and have now married one (!); have tried it for both dd's and been really happy with the great things the treatment has done.

Also worth taking a baby probiotic (Biocare make a very good quality one - called something like bifidobacterium infantis - can buy online or ask about it in your local health food store)because of the antibiotics and sore bot.

Cranial chiro seems to be very good for colic (I've got a useful article about can I email to you?...I'm not a very experienced MNetter and don't know all the ins and outs...). Also cranial (osteo and chiro) is supposed to be good for gooey eyes as eye probs can often indicate cranial issues so a cranial bod experienced in babies should be able to help :-)

I hope he feels better soon. All sounds pretty uncomfy.

P.S. Fast birth often indicated as a key factor in baby being unsettled, windy and colicky

ourraquel Sun 15-Mar-09 20:33:36

Our dd was incredibly unhappy as a tiny baby - reflux, colic, wind, hideous facial rashes, you name it she had it - and seeing a cranial osteo (who works with a lot of babies) seemed to make a big difference. She also did a session on me (she gave serious osteopathic reasons for this, although I also think she just thought I was a basket case and could do with lying down for half an hour). I have a few other friends whose babies were similarly helped. If you're anywhere near London, the Osteopathic Centre for Children is meant to be amazing (we didn't go but other mates did, and my niece too) and they ask you to pay what you can afford.

I'm interested to hear the thing about fast births, because we had a very rapid and very stressful delivery, and I don't think it got any of us off to a very good start. DD got better around 6 months - maybe the cranial osteo helped, I certainly think it did, but I also think she would have got better in any case - and she's now the happiest person I've ever met.

I hope your ds feels better soon, he has had an unbelievably shit run of luck. I'd give the cranial osteo a go, or similar therapies recommended by other mners, it will probably help and will also give you the sense that you're doing something (other than banging your head against a wall and whimpering).

mppaw Sun 15-Mar-09 20:42:55

Cheers ourraquel, am defo going to give it a go, nothing to loose.

AddictedtoCrunchies Mon 16-Mar-09 07:46:58

My son was born after a two day labour, failed VD, failed venteuse then an emergency c-section. He was 10lb 6ox (small wonder I couldn't get him out). His head was squashed and bruised when he finally arrived and he cried and cried and cried for weeks putting me on anti-depressants and contemplating giving him away.

We tried lots of things but the final thing was cranial osteopathy and it was FAB. Once he lay down on the bed he just chilled out completely while the therapist did his magic. It cost us about £60 a session but it was money well spent - he only needed two sessions.

he's now 13.5 months, and a really bonny gorgeous boy who eats like a horse and is cruising round the furniture ready to take off any day now.

It may not work for everyone but my personal opinion is try it - what do you have to lose? I found a great practitioner in Swindon so if you're anywhere near, I'll give you the details.

Good luck!!

Eskimo333 Fri 02-Jan-15 13:34:23

Hi! I know your post was from a long time ago but my 6 week old baby is REALLY struggling. I live in Swindon, could you possibly tell me which practitioner you used? Many thanks and happy new year! :-)

airhostess Fri 02-Jan-15 19:09:10

My first Son saw a Crainio osteopath, I didn't like the first one however found another and she was/still is amazing! Helped my Son so much-go for it. X

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